Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Monday, September 24, 2007


You cannot remember when you first became aware of Inanna. It must have been Crystal, your mystical friend in Los Angeles, a Libran ruled by Venus, who sent the initial lightening bolt through your body. She resonated to ancient Sumer and modeled her life on the bold and illustrious goddess who proclaimed herself Queen of Heaven and Earth. You can’t remember the earliest initiation of the universal icon to whom you have dedicated your shrine but you CAN remember, however, when you fell in love with Inanna. It was when you discovered the book of her hymns that you refer to as the red bible. That was in the bookstore of the Louvre where you stood transfixed while reading some of the most erotic poetry ever written, where a woman’s vulva is compared to the land, “Lover come plow my fields!” Heyo had just transported you to her realm when he took you to the most ancient artifacts – the relics of Inanna’s image excavated from ancient Sumer. You found her! An ancient goddess so alive she jumped off the walls of the museum and into your arms. That was the lightening bolt! A return to the ever-present origin! At that moment, you knew the purpose of your life was to bring her into form! When you felt that electrical current (more on that tomorrow) you knew it was Inanna working through you. And so you declared “Hail Inanna!” whenever you called up that energy for a creative venture arising from your own energy source. How many tight spots did you escape from on the road by simply calling her name? How many manuscripts did you create in her image? Eighteen! So, here you are in SUBLIMATO, the name you gave to Selma’s spiral dress made for this performance on the magical evening of the Solar Eclipse! Spirit entering form. The balance of Pisces and Virgo! The sky blue spiral dress with a violet metallic collar in reverence to Inanna while extending blessings for the healing of the earth in the sacred space you created last night during a ritual ceremony. Two old ladies gaze in the window, smile and wave. The marigolds are appearing on the walls, the planting you made as a resurrection following the sinking into Earth, which you believed to be your own death. Now the pink roses, the six pack of pink roses expressing your innocence. The fountain of renewal that guided you on all the other paperworks revealing your language of symbols! All your favorite symbols contained in this magical space where angels have descended! Venus with her mirrored torso wearing your ripped T-shirt with your astrological chart, her star symbol repeatedly projected behind her. Here she has a face! Yes, a mask you created precisely at the Autumn Equinox, the sky blue face of the Sky Goddess woven with copper, the element ruled by Venus. She is carrying her golden rod with its feathers and blue ribbon washed by the tide. At her throat is a mirrored pentagram. The lightening is on her shirt, the symbol of Aquarius. She has arrived! The Sky Goddess! Back in Fire, when the gallery was mistaken for a brothel as you wrote on the black silk sheets your mother gifted you for Christmas, you had such a fervent desire to transcend. The ceremony you did with MP seems…magick is happening! John Knowles raps on the window and you invite him into the sacred space you created in his father’s hotel and he tells me of the molting he just experienced. And you know, the amazing synchronicity of him rapping on the window at the moment you – there are five cops standing right outside the window and lights flashing Secret Service men in black shades, even in nighttime. Barricades across Lexington Avenue. Empty streets. Eerie! The UN conference on global warming taking place. The fourth day of your fast and you are soaring but on Earth! An entirely new sensation! Such a convergence of Heaven & Earth. Saturn, the law, the authority protecting Venus brandishing her feathers, symbol of heaven, the angelic messengers. “That is an African figure you created,” says the African diplomat who called through the window. She emerged during a Fall Equinox celebration of Venus as Morning Star, you tell him. He wants to know more and John gives him the Roger Smith News card. He has many questions and wants to enter the space but the front door cannot be opened. Instantly you know he is a diplomat – he has an elevated diplomatic air about him – but it doesn’t take a psychic to make the association because this area, 47th street, is thick with diplomats. He loves SUBLIMATIO, the collaboration with Selma Karaca. He totally gets it: the snake spiraling up the body and the violet metallic collar over your heart – the universal love detached and liberated at last! You caught SUBLIMATIO on the side door and it ripped. Oh, there goes the perfection of the essence, the spirit in matter! But as you close the door, you have an inspiration – to put a purple star over the hole and when you re-enter the sacred space you place a star on each of the five horns of Venus. And you will place a new star on your dress for every day of the ritual. Eighteen unpublished manuscripts in five piles. Five piles of manuscripts ordered in the shape of a pentacle. Five nights of passing through the five horns of the pentacle and at the end you discover the ultimate – the resurrection of Venus as Lover. Heart and mind united with body. SUBLIMATIO is the extraction, the objective form arising from subjective experience. You know this birth of the spirit in the material because you watched it taking form as Selma snaked the chord through the sky blue fabric into a spiral winding up to your heart. The personal transmitted into the universal. It is the detachment that comes with having gone through the earlier stages – two girls smoking and giggling at the window. Every day is a ritual. Last night you ended your ceremony with the posting of five rejection letters in the window. Tonight you are celebrating the manuscripts completed during the first horn, Aries, and Aries appeared as John Knowles, telling you of his spiritual adventures in the last nine months since the ritual that began FIRE – the ritual where MP called in the Aquarian Age goddess. John is dancing as you talk to the gentleman you pulled in with your magick – your stroll to the United Nations which took you by the building on Dag Hammerskojld Plaza where you once worked as a researcher on international business and the restaurants where you dined with diplomats. There is an instant connection with this diplomat and his curiosity, you know it is authentic, so you wave him around to the side door and there you learned his many names and give him your card and he tells you that when he say, not the installation but YOU, sitting in the dark of the window writing this blog entry, he says, “I saw us dancing together.” He has an elevated energy that matches your own, and miraculously, he is grounded in the energy. Completely focused. And you know it is true because of the magic -- the Aries dancing as you are about to post the three manuscripts created to honor the first horn, Aries, the fire of the thunderbolt. And even then, nd with the most unlikely candidates for love, you knew that love was a dance. But here you are having reached the SUBLIMATIO after 25 years of alchemical experiment and who could this incredibly focused gentleman be but the Dumuzi suitor who comes from a land where love is a universal dance that unites human with the gods. This is another synchronicity. You write this even as the doves are flying off the wall. The release of the doves is the spirit of the SUBLIMATIO cops congregating in groups of four and smiling when you take their picture. And the week has only begun! But what a beginning! You have been struck by lightening,

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