Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Friday, June 27, 2008


"For the observers of the Future,
the greatest event will be
the sudden appearance of a
collective humane conscience
and a human work to make."
Pierre Teilhard Chardin:


January 20, 2007

Ever since you can remember
They have been telling you

Just let go!
You are holding an egg…well drop it!
Come on now! COME!

Three syllables shouted across a battlefield
That is your name
White flags held high above human wreckage
Your flag is red, stained with blood

SURRENDER! Pluto bellowed
Squelching Persephone’s last gasp
Before the chasm

Three vicious yelps in her ear
Poised to the Great Below
As she swooned before the Narcissus
Her slip of a skirt ---it was the height of summer—
inching up her milky white bottom

Intoxicated with the scent of passion
Cold hand of fate crucifying virgin flesh
With the rasping SURRENDER!

You could never surrender
Not in the open picture you painted
Tool of your erotic trade held high
Persephone’s spiraling Song of Sovereignty
Snake spiraling through the spinal chord
From obscurity to celebritY

Her greatest desire is to meet her match
Says MP, the Seer re-visioning her from the depths
Light in Dark and Shadowed in Light
A man that can keep her guessing.

Six pomegranate seeds
Six for the Lovers
Six months underground
Rising at the Winter Solstice
Bursting into seed at the Spring Equinox
When days and nights are in perfect balance
You meet your equal

Hail Persephone!
Visionary Wanderer
Queen of Night and Princess of Day
You ride the dimensional shift,
Says your seer/daughter

Underworld Queen giving birth
To the Aquarian Goddess
Who waves the Freedom Flag
White banner stained red by memory
Of desire

May 6, 2007

Last night
Instead of counting your sheep
Under a lunar eclipse
My shepherd
I examined your golden necklace
For clues to your beauty

Silent you remain
My Beloved
All these years
All this geography!

To Buenos Aires and back
Up the Pyramids of Sol y Luna
To the temple of Athena '
And the fountain of desire

Traipsing around the globe
In my champagne wedding dress
Draping the tattered satin over the Coliseum wall
Bearing the stench of sacrificial blood

Sweeping the train up ancient Aztec strides
Uniting Heaven and Earth
Scaly face of the winged serpent
The snout of his dog twin
Mirror reflection of the shadow
Stinking lead

Excavating your beauty
Like an ancient relic
In my body
Awaiting your feverish clinch
To be reborn

The cycle of emotion
Tearing the fabric of my dress
Ocean, Vapor, Dew, Fountain
Lapis Lazuli wave of Aquarius

And there you were last night
After all these years
All this geography!
Oceans to be crossed
Between stanzas
In our epic journey

Your beauty
Flowing in me
The contents of your letter
Spilling over the page
Ode to the Beloved
Runneth two eggs over easy

The yellowing
Of yolk
Solar plexus fusion
Rusted iron transmuting into gold
Seed fertilizing the land
Flooded by the Tsunami wave

June 17, 2007

Blackbirds descend
Skins discarded
Batteries dead
Cell phone run down
MAC in revolt

Gassing as a derivative art
Dreams of Assia
Her tragic life/death/life cycle
Under your skin

Like you
Her Jew-German Selves divided
Lilith the child killer
Crushed by the mirror
Child gassed by Hades
Double Pisces, vaporized
By the stars
Mother denying her own

When the artist dies
What becomes of her sky children?
Scattered like the blackbirds
Over the memory

Summer Solstice near
Spring lovers nearly cooked
Sulphur purified by Salt
The child caressed
Beneath the skeletons
Between green sips of mojito

Coagulatio beckons
Body entering the cocoon
Seaweed rubbed by Bulgarian fingers
Corpse exhausted, limp
Lilith flies away
Green Goddess embraces
Her own

Your natal horoscope
A natural body clock
Dead and reborn at the cardinal points
Tropic of Capricorn/Tropic of Cancer
The Earth lives in the body

The Eternal Return
In the limbs
Completing the cycle
Life, death, decay, renewal

The Hieros Gamos
Crying out to be

August 29, 2007

Alchemical texts
Forged into stone by men
What did they know?

Old tapes unravel
Eros denied
The transformation takes place
In the body
Of the woman!

Curious fellow
So many characters
Runneth from his broken chalice

Perceval, the Grail Seeker
Dumuzi, the auto-erotic lover
Dionysius, the “homegrown” pothead
Orion, the Hunter on the perpetual make
And now, Priapus
The Prick!

Swallowed up
By Gaia
Grotesque Priapus
With his pruning knife
Aimed at multi horned you

You got balls!
Razor sharp bite
Slicing the chord
One can get used to rejection

Chalice broken
Wedding canceled
You got balls, he stormed
Twisting the black chord
Around your neck
Reap what you sow,

Death is the logical end
Of Earth
Gaia swallowing
The Underworld Characters
Born of the Nigredo
Whom no longer serve
The corpus
That is all

Death the ultimate
Body decaying into Soil
Touching roots
Of our eternal being

Tentacles extending into the underground
Fountain bursting into form
The Aquarian Age Goddess
Created from Salt
Acting on Sulfur

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How he stinks
Of herb
Mercury poisoning
Sulfurous Priapus!

But lo!
The purifying breath of Psyche
Cycling the corpus, Arising
Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom
In your throat: "Here I am!"
To your Third Eye: "There you are!"

Seeing all too clearly
Characters born of the Nigredo
Consumed by Earth
Devouring Goddess
Preparing the ground for the New

Death the ultimate
Flesh & bones fertilizing soil
Womb of the Great Mother

Calling forth
Your guiding symbol
Aquarian Age
Water Bearer

SIlver chalice beckoning on Lexington Ave
You wear it
Over your throat of Lapis Luzuli
Spinning the revival of the tale
Returned Bride resurrecting the Groom

The Grail
Carrying the Bloodline
The Conjunctio
Of God and Goddess
Jesus & Mary Magdeline
Inanna & Dumuzi
Pregnant with form
Absorbed in the body

Chalice Bearer
Whose cup you fill
With your Aquarian spirit
A vision of your bicycle
Airborne With wings

Fueled by your own power
Your self-created structure
The blessing of the Earth Goddess
Offering to Venus
From underground
Lapis Star

Flesh dies
But structure is eternal
The proof discovered yesterday
News of the hexagram cloud
Hovering over the North Pole
Of Saturn foretold
THe old goat

What better sign
Could cross your path
Of the transformation
From Earth to Air

Saturn, ruler of structure
Projecting the Hieros Gamos
Into Heaven!!!

Grab a ring of the planet
Transmuting fate into destiny
Surrendered to Earth
To Fly!

January 20, 2008

Your journey brought you
From the sky surrounding the Hollywood sign
To the intertwined roots of your
Heritage of opposites

The grounding of Luna and Sol
Merging in a Solar Eclipse
Conjunct your ruler, Uranus
In Mutual Reception

Mysterium Coniunctionis
From which you can at last
Foretold on your solar return
January 23, 1997
Finally eclipsed

You like to tie loose ends up
Into neat little circles
Some might call it art

You were told about your karma
It being your last lifetime, and all
You have a lot of karma to complete
White Buffalo Woman interpreting
St. Michael in great gobs of AIR

Every day
Every breath
Feels like your last gasp
The end of a cycle

You have arrived
At that unnamed state
Imaged by your father
In his modestly titled book
“God Speaks”

“The author in bliss”
Reads the caption
And so, this is the legacy
Of having a father as
Kundalini pioneer
A breaking of paternal attachment
Replaced by an image of bliss

You are living out a myth
Said the astrologer
Reading the asteroids
On the cliff above
The Oregon coast

You were only beginning then
With your Persephone tale
Contained in boxes
You gave her a copy
In exchange for her book
On the dark goddesses

Arising at last
From the underground
You bring the mythical
Journey to a close
in great form

The conclusion of The Alchemy of Love
Told in images
Hieros Gamos arising Out of Eros
The Siberian Tiger's passion for collaboration
Under a full moon in her sign of Aquarius
Opposites merging into a new path
The “in between” place
Writes the scholar of images

The middle path between Heaven & Earth
Envisioned as the World Tree
By the Mayans
Envisioned as the Body
By the Cabala
The human heart at the center
Earth & Sky united
The cycle of the opposites
Is completed

When will I be a success?
You asked the yogi
Palm thrust under his focused gaze
"When you get into your body."
You pressed him to the wall
A book? A film? A TV show?
“You are the Star,” he said
The form doesn't matter.

“Follow your bliss" was the mantra
As you came of age
And so you did