Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


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Thursday, September 27, 2007


NAKED WOMAN BARING ALL. The celebrity obsessed culture is ruled by a media obsessed with the baring of flesh. How much more significant is the baring of the soul! And what is soul but emotion responding to images. And what are images but dreams taking us further into the current of life? To embrace this paradox is to overcome the duality of life and death.

At this second point of the pentacle, SCORPIO, where you struggle with a language for desire to make your images real, you write about the serpent power, the kundalini, as a means of embodiment. Your body of work contains the path to awakening which brings you to this place of self-exposure.

What is so rewarding about this phase of the experiment is that your molded words, the extraction of your experience, is being acknowledged and read! It allows you to test your detachment from the emotional struggles of your past. The preparation for this extraction of the alchemical gold took months. In early July, you began to create a system in which your body of work would be organized in accordance with the Experiment. And here it is at the border of the sacred circle surrounding VENUS. Who now has a face!

Your manuscripts ordered into stacks, creating a shrine to a lost delivery system in publishing the actual tactile words rather than the digital disk. After the organization came the paper works in which you fulfilled a dream of finishing them in encaustic. You fast for four days, enter the conjunctio in an Autumn Equinox performance of Daniel Rothbart’s VENUS: MEDITATION MEDIATION timed with the sunset across 47th street, and connect with the son of a god-man from Africa you name Anu in reverence to the ever-present origin, the Sumerian pantheon.

In stretching towards heaven while your personal language of images is projected ten feet tall in the gallery, magical feats are performed in the ceremonial space. A reservation at Aquavit for six pulled out of AIR resulted in being seated immediately following your performance of BARING YOUR SOUL. Your mother sews a purple star on SUBLIMATIO, covering the spot where you ripped it on the metal door. So, you broke your fast, brazenly, with a three-course meal prepared with the invention and dramatic delivery of your performance art. The courses were delivered on square plates that formed a hexagon, the geometry of the sacred marriage. It was resplendent! The evening had a perfect symmetry to the day. You performed in your aqua dress and dined at Aquavit, which means Water of Life. So, the current of the ritual was matched in the expression of food, each bite with a foretaste, a taste and an aftertaste.

Water of life, poured for thirsty men! Water of Life –you deliver in writing with titles that tell the story of the neglect of the female power by the patriarchy: PLEASURE, GODDESS, WOLF IN THE BOTTLE, ASTARA IS BORN, NON! MYSTICAL MARRIAGE and RED TEARS OF PERSEPHONE. Speaking of Persephone, you were about to give it all up to run off to Africa with your new suitor who sends a lightening bolt rippling through you when he totally got the creation. “I was looking at you,” he said. What is really interesting today is how the people read the words in the window without even noticing you. You are invisible. Synchronistically, Matt tells you that he was just blown away by the film, Being There. The invisible made visible through the act of personal projection. So he is experiencing it too.

BARING THE SOUL. You tell Matt that you would rather have the masses project onto you than the experience of romantic projections that end up in unread piles on the floor of an art gallery. Heaven and Earth uniting as you balance desire with rejection while perched in the window between the words of the gatekeepers and your own 50,000 words contained in boxes stacked in piles on the floor. One pile to each horn of the pentagram made by the Venus synodic cycle.

Today’s pile is Scorpio which gave birth to a growing detachment from the impetuous (AIRES) expression of longing to manifest the kundalini in form: Every day of the five-day performance of weaving rejection slips between your writing in the window, you feel more protected because your body is shielded by the outpourings from your soul. The artistry of the artist shields her from vulnerability, a relic of the shedding of skins. You make this truth self-evident as the windows fill with the unity of desire juxtaposed with the rejection of desire.

This rejection takes place on two levels: the sexual rejection that prompts you to write and the rejection of the gatekeepers of Old Media who, like the cops standing outside the window, keep any new form of dynamic expression from entering the collective mind, particularly a form of expression plunging into the thorny problem of female desire. It is all too evident in the media public wants to know why the Lindsey Lohans, the Britney Spears, and Paris Hiltons of the world can plunge down a spiral of self-destruction. Where are the voices providing the illumination? Murdered at the gate because the exploration of desire was mistaken, quite accurately if it was authentic, for desire itself. The desire to publish, the passion to make visible this energy that drives your every passionate act through the literal binding of your self-expression into a form called a book. The opposites unite to create a border between the personal and public where no border existed in the earlier stages of the Experiment.

So naked you are, there is not much left to reveal. People are entering this place of balance by reading your words and the words of Saturn, the shadow ruling tradition that seeks to crush the evolutionary spirit reflected in the sublimatio, the lead that was transformed through this experiment. They are participating in your experiment by actually reading the rejection letters. Some of them describe your writing as heated, sensuous and lively. This acknowledgement is the manifestation of the Full Moon exposure crossing your chart exact at 3:45 PM today, Wednesday. But this is the dynamism in life that you commit to the page. How exposed you feel under the Full Moon with people reading your rejection letters right outside the window where you write this blog entry! Hearing your name from passerbys is a bit shocking. You aren’t famous even though Venus now wears a mask of protection forged through the alchemical blend of silver (Luna), gold (Sol) and copper (Venus). The mask forged from these metals integrates the Morning and Evening Star aspects of Venus into a unity, which defines the 21st expression of Venus. Your skin feels raw and you wonder if it would be less painful if you had remained in the ethers with your fast. But the dramatic pull between the opposites may have been worth it because there was a process of revelation that arrived with your Lunar Return at dawn. You suddenly got it. The conjunctio or sacred marriage isn’t just about the bliss in the crown chakra. The conjunctio is about the spiral flowing up and down in a continual dynamic motion that is an expression of life.

Yesterday, with the Moon Uranus conjunction triggering the Eclipse point, you were catalyzing the energy to perform what Gloria Steinem calls “ordinary acts of rebellion.” Through the alchemical experiment made evident by the 19 manuscripts stacked in the objective form of a pentagram in the gallery, you have overcome your immature acts of rebellion. You have arrived at an extremely sophisticated act of personal rebellion. How do you know this? It is your female energy versus the energy created by the men in blue creating an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and tension. The smiles and waves from the four cops assigned to the corner outside you window are proof that you have transformed lead into gold.

The date selected for this chapter was the FALL EQUINOX. You had no idea that the U.N. was having its General Assembly just three blocks down the street. An act of rebellion, yes, but a very sophisticated one at that! An act of rebellion involves risk. Risk requires the innocence you spent years cultivating through private rituals that you have now taken public. There is a current in the air that you innocence allows you to hook into through your daily rituals in the sacred circle surrounding VENUS.

Once protected by the broken pieces of mirror on her torso, she now wears your personal symbolism in your natal chart in a T-shirt over her chest. This chart reveals an emotional vulnerability, the attunement to universal symbol through the language of personal symbol and ability to fly on the collective current. On Monday, you gave yourself a new identity ruled by the first “horn” of the pentacle, Aries, as you gave insight by placing excerpts from Champagne Tango Red Tears of Persephone and Aquarian Age 2000 on the window. On Tuesday, you add a new layer to that identity with excerpts from the Scorpio pile: ASTARA IS BORN, PSYCHE ON 79TH STREET and GODDESS.

The color left on the top of the stack was orange, representing the Second Chakra, the genitals. You who began this journey into The Alchemy of Love with a fuchsia tunic in FIRE now are naked within the aqua spiral of SUBLIMATIO. The performance makes visible the act of transcendence of desire. This air of expectancy is captured by your view: the edge between human and technology captured by the barricades lined up on Lexinington Avenue. You breathe life into the Equinox balance between Heaven & Earth through your performances. The passerby doesn’t seem aware of it, but sensitive you are attuned to shifting currents. In your shamanic acts, you guide them to your focused expression.

Last year, on the FALL EQUINOX you led a performance to bring Persephone and Pluto into a relationship of shared power to reach an authentic gender equality. And this year's FALL EQUINOX ritual...What has the circle revealed to you about the relationship between VENUS, your art, and Persephone’s desire to plunge into the underworld of a complete sexual experience? It is 3:09 PM. The FULL MOON is peaking. The mysteries of this eclipse cycle that began a month ago with the lunar eclipse will be revealed during your ceremony, when you welcome the GEMINI energy ruling the media with the ritual of pasting excerpts from the AIR stack of manuscripts on the third window of the gallery. Thought precedes action; even today your writing foretells the future that you create through your proactive spirituality. At this point, you prepare to enter the sacred circle with a focus: to harness the current to create a WIND at your back carrying the spirit of the SUBLIMATIO. You expect a familiarity that will prove boring -- all because you first experienced it first in the fourth dimension, the realm of the angels and struggled like an expectant mother for 20 years to crash it down into every day reality lorded over by the NAKED VENUS all dressed up for a new millennium.

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