Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Friday, September 28, 2007


On the night of the FULL MOON you went to a celebration where the gold is stored. GOLD, the destination of THE GREAT WORK. There you meet Happy Rockefeller, a name that symbolizes the pursuit of gold in matter. She is friendly, with a Mercurial mischievous in her smile. “The hedge funds have ruined the culture,” she tells you. You went over to Charlie Rose and commended him for upholding what little culture still exists in America.

At your peak, you were writing on the culture for five newspapers. Now you cannot get an assignment. In fact, at a dinner last year in this very hotel the former arts editor of a Philadelphia daily advised you to find something else to do. The gatekeepers of Old Media are crashing down and what a surprise to realize you are one of them.

The LAB has offered you the opportunity to experiment; your identity has now shifted from critic to curator to performer. The transition begun with FLAME in June of 2006 is complete nine months later with the simultaneous publication of your name attached to a new identity in two newspapers the day you worked through the GEMINI pile in the SE section of the sacred circle.

Yesterday, as you walked the streets of Manhattan, a magazine cover caught your eye. It was a Revenge Surgery. Boobs inflated to get back at the boys who teased her.” This is truly shocking. The media’s obsession with female breasts may be juvenile but it also reflects the squelching of emotion in the culture. As a punishment for sexualizing a body part meant for nurturing, we get masses of fake boobs in return. Even worse, women have lost their shape because they are not at all in touch with what is to be woman. You probably wouldn’t either if it hadn’t been for the shaman who lured you on the path many moons ago in Los Angeles and took you to the Native American sweat lodge for the first time.

Entering the sweat lodge is like entering the womb. This was the image that spawned SUBLIMATIO. The many, many layers stars arising out of your expression had a very logical origin – the perfectly symmetrical synodic cycle of VENUS. To consciously follow the cycle as you have since you first read the writing of shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario

The young urban woman’s millennial struggle with the authentic feminine energy may be defined by this cycle: ARIES, the warrior (Monday), followed by SCORPIO, the priestess (Tuesday), followed by GEMINI, the mercurial agent which brings the unexpected into the EXPERIMENT (Wednesday), followed by CAPRICORN yesterday which had you placing excerpts from WOLF IN THE BOTTLE, LABYRINTH and ICON into the window. This was an extremely important cycle because it served to firmly ground the alchemical expression in EARTH. This cycle forced you to accept your role as channel because it combined the energies of your Aquarius birth sign ruling your expression and your Capricorn mind dedicated to order.

And today, having honored and reflected overnight on the CAPRICORN cycle, your writing moves you to make an assertion just an hour before you need to define your work for the camera. A woman who follows this cycle may give birth to her personal expression of the universal archetype of the post-patriarchal VENUS.

The body of work mirrors the work that was done on the body in releasing toxins and opening to the spirit. The objective was to connect with and contain this female spirit. Many times in your journey you doubted that you would make the passage. Your feet were so off the ground in the eighties (ASTARA IS BORN) that you sought out a healer who channeled energy into your feet. She told you that if you hadn’t written your first novel, CHAMPAGNE TANGO, you would have gone mad. And indeed, that is what the book was about – a woman running away from her fear of insanity.

What have you learned from this LAB installation/performance? You have learned how incredibly radical your vision has become through this journey. You are proposing that the new expression of culture comes out of a woman’s body. It was Heyo, the shaman, who pointed out that nearly all expression comes through the head. Male or female, the head is not the organic origin of art. Whether in the art world or literary world, emotion is repressed. Emotions guide images. Without deep emotion, the expression is flat. There is no meaning. This is a truth reflected on the wall. The manuscripts come out of PSYCHE, the form being the satin bridal gown worn in WATER (SOLUTIO). The gown is the womb spilling out the naked expression of the female.

So, when the Daily News reported yesterday that you were naked in the gallery, it was accurate, but not in the literal sense that they delivered it. Your soul was naked. You are presenting your visual language to the public for the first time. Images are parts of you, originated in your very emotions. And the timing you choose made the leap from private to public happens to be so dramatic because of your uncle’s connection with the GOLD and an unexpected invitation to hold the GOLD that you have sought for so long as an internal process.

So, the immediate reward of SUBLIMATIO is your newfound ability to sum up your journey to the size of a fortune in a cookie. The alchemical passage to the personal roots is elevated to the collective. You are in a place where you can make conscious choices. You choose now to follow your ancestry of establishing value in a culture that has no standard for value beyond those gold bricks stored below the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

You had taken the huge leap of attempting to pass through the SUBLIMATIO without isolating yourself, without fasting and maintaining your customary focus. You fasted for four days before the opening ceremony. Then there were meals to attend. So fasting during the day and eating grand meals in the evening plunged you into the opposites.

The alchemists risked everything in their search for gold. If they were authentic seekers, they discovered the gold to be an inner quality, the kundalini energy connecting the genitals with the heart through the Solar Plexus, the place of personal power. In your nightly rituals, you mixed the pigment – gold (the sun), silver (moon) and copper. You made a mark with your right forefinger on the pages of your writings hung in the windows. This process of hanging for the passerby and, in doing so, blocking you from their view, is a transformational act of rebirth.

Tonight you will call in the spirit of LEO, the superstar energy ruling the synodic cycle of VENUS begun two days before the eclipse when you picked up the magical stones on the beach of Cape May where your uncle was born. Your uncle, with all his clarity of vision and integrity, was born in an energy elevated by quartz crystals honored as sacred stones by the Native Americans who lived among them. And now these stones are the gift of EARTH, a reminder that the tools for healing can be found in everyday life.

So your sunset ritual during the last few days consisted of reviving old work and making it entirely new with a birthmark. In the gallery arriving at the SUBLIMATIO, soaring above the karma that has kept you mired in past life patterns. You getting ready to appear in public and an invitation comes to hold the gold stored under the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Being immersed in gold, the real stuff, was not the intention at all, but certainly makes a nice conclusion to the story!

The African shaman sent a message. He said you were marked for success. He knew about the hole at the base of the spine where the kundalini passes through. This mark makes your body a vehicle for the human passion repressed by our celebrity-obsessed media dominated culture. It is the same passion with which the fundamentalists refute the body in their religious tradition. John is making a film entitled THE PASSION.

The work on view in the gallery is 23 years of conscious expression to obtain the knowledge that your father pioneered as a psychotherapist.

Matt poked his head into the space yesterday and asked what you doing when you journey through the sacred circle. You answer by instinct: ”shamanism.” To explain: you call up the elementals of alchemy and mold the energy into form. The result is the magical occurrences that have taken place this week.

Selections from your own slush pile were burnt at your altar prior to the start of SUBLIMATIO. The covers, with different spellings of your name signifying your search for a unique identity apart from your family were burnt during last Sunday’s Fall Equinox ceremony.

Not real gold for the spiritual seeker but the gold before celebrating your Experiment arriving at the GOLD, you on top of the GOLD and the invitation from the nice gentlemen to hold it. Amazing! Could holding the gold reserves of the nation be a reflection of the gold that you compiled in an old form – the slightly dilapidated manuscript box? The struggle to ground the Self was represented by gold and the golden scepter of the King was the instrument in which the divine energy was brought down from heaven to provide the wisdom to rule. This is how you treated your writing instrument, as the instrument to channel divine into human expression. Even as you write this, the copper pigment on your fingertips is making a permanent impression of VENUS on the keyboard.

The journey into the Self is fraught with danger but you made it through. The biggest challenge came this week when Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, was smacked by Saturn, Lord of Karma, in your horoscope. Astrologers always look to what is Saturn is doing in a chart for timing and in this case, the timing was unmistakable. Just last week, an indication of what was to come through your new trainer at the gym. He was a big, muscular guy and when you failed to do lunges, instructed you on practicing balance. Defeated by a simple lunge, you had to face the truth: the body was resisting the plunge into the unknown. Your mind knew you had to make the leap but the body was resisting Saturn, the old timekeeper. How many times had you witnessed people walking away from their own meeting with fate, giving them the opportunity to make fate into destiny. How much ink had you devoted to it?

So, you came to the LAB understanding the challenge and the forces of evolution vs. resistance. You were forced to embrace the opposites not simply in ritual but in life. From the heights of the executive offices of the Federal Reserve, you were flung to a hotel on the Lower East Side that brought you right back to reality.

So, instead of falling to the fate of women in public humiliated by the most obvious superficial expression of vulnerability and exposure – the taking off the clothes – you have come up with a new headline. BARED WOMAN CLOTHED BY HER CONCLUSION OF THE GREAT WORK. That woman’s name is VENUS. And today you made her a crown and bought her a dozen violet roses in preparation for your closing ritual.

THE ALCHEMY OF LOVE incorporates 19 manuscripts and a multitude of images derived from the pure emotional expression of a woman who could not find a publisher. More than one gatekeeper mistakenly classified your writing with romance novels. It was a harbinger of the category they now refer to as Chic Lit. But what made it radically different from both genres is that the protagonist never gets the guy, and in fact, is on a journey to seek within the qualities she once externally sought in a man.

Tonight, the closing ritual accepts this pioneering path as triumph, despite those left behind, foes disguised as lovers, who pull out their arsenal to attempt you from making your fate (aloneness) into destiny. A self-realized woman is a revolutionary, for she refuses to live in the projection of a man.

The amazing synchronicities that happen is the manner that the universe cheers on the seeker to a solitary state of bliss. Here in the gallery is chronicled the TRIUMPH, which you celebrate tonight in the performance that closes your ascent. On the other side is the media that incessantly chronicles the starlets who fail to make this dream of becoming an original expression of the five -point synodic cycle of VENUS conscious.

Men must let go of projecting their buried emotions on women and instead view women as co-creators on a path of human evolution. But how does a man, or even a woman, get in touch with emotions? To your delight, John Knowles, the filmmaker who taped the ritual of FIRE and is coming to interview you in this highly charged space, and Matt Semler, the gallery owner, showed you not only is it possible but the everyday miracles that result. They are the New Men who walk with the New Women.

When you returned to the gallery this afternoon, you shared a consciousness of EARTH with John, ruled by the owl. that you don’t view the rejections personally. They are rejecting the expression of the authentic feminine, the rise of this power to consciousness. You have been diligent for years to find it and can safely report there is no well published expression of this deep yearning, this burning of the feminine to be free of patriarchal projections and the patterns that keep them women and men mired in self-defeating behavior.

Surrounding you and projected on the floor through the shadow of the sun is the expression of the authentic feminine crying out for recognition. Naked she is. And even now, a man stands but four feet from you. How the love surges through you to know her cry is being read, literally by the Man on the Street!

You tell John this just over an hour ago when he called to set up a time for the interview. He replies. “I just sat down to lunch with a woman who loves your expression.”

“Really,” you reply. “Is she an agent?”

“No, she is a publisher.”



Birds are singing!! The SOLUTIO is nearly complete.

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