Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Monday, June 18, 2007


Look at them!
They are all goddesses
Says Heyo in admiration
They just don’t know

The two of you sitting in a Melrose café
Smelling the buds
Pubescent bodies
Already tamed

And then, the enticement
We haven’t yet seen Her true face
The goddess!
She could be you

The call to action
In a Melrose Café
What would Marcel say?
Rose is Eros spelled backwards

Buds bursting into bloom
Just a block or two from the French Bistro
Where you meet over a Tarot reading

Smoking mirror
Bad vibe
He saw the Italian from Little Venice
Claiming to be from a Palacio in big Venice
He pointed on the map
There it is!
A peculiar Italian accent
Or was he just Argentine?
Leading you into a toxic tango

You get a far better offer
From the card reader
Get out, he said,
I’ll take you to the Indians

And so he did
Guided you right up to the Red Road
On Turtle Mountain
Straight to the womb of the Mother
The inipi
Blessing the ancestors

The strong Germanic women
Aquarian chain
And you are the last of them
Independent to the end

But what of Her face?
Lost along the line
You struggle to find her in the dark
The womb of the Great Mother
Who receives your seeds in her flesh

And lo
You beheld her through the sweat
Beads reflecting the struggle
To bow through her birth canal
Her reflection compensating for expulsion

The authentic face
Spied in the glass
Face streaked in dirt
Hair askew
Wild Woman

1993 Wandering in the canyon
Under the eclipse
A lunar landscape
You discover Kerouac
On the Road
Sign of a journey
Archer shooting into a distant goal
The sacred marriage

Message relayed in the pipe
Stem is male
Bowl is female
United it blows smoke rings of union
The Woman in the Man
The Man in the Woman

This you remember
The road signs on the journey
As you lay in the alchemical fountain
AKA the Iron Maiden
Preparing for the Planting
Venus at the Sixth Gate
Second Chakra
Attachment through Detachment
The chart reads

The doorway to creation
The universal persona
The disconnected connected Goddess
Attached to her journey
Never the outcome

Her face
What does she look like?
Is she ancient?
Greek perhaps
Or new?

You are in the fountain
In the Lab
A new experiment underway
Seven hours of the conjunctio
In action
A self-organizing process
Of symbols jockeying for placement
In the unfolding
The Woman in the Man
The Man in the Woman

And what symbols!
Roadmaps created in isolation
Labyrinth to Real World
Awaiting the projection
Self-devouring Uroborus circling round
The artist cannibalizing himself
In search of truth

So much red in the fountain
Red above – the spotlight
Red below – the banner

Reborn in the iron maiden
The first ritual
Pouring the purifed Earth
From the ritual projected on the wall
Into the iron maiden
The red stain on top
Fresh blood over the old
Red Moon setting over 47th Street

Direct angles cutting the Manhattan grid
East, South, Weat, North
Birth, Flowering, Harvest, Death
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Material laid out in the grid

Now you get it
The essentiality of your natural chart
Cardinal points
Pluto almostPassion touching your Midheaven
It dawns on you on Madison
Why you only do rituals on eclipses
And the cardinal points
The mystical marriage of the opposites!

The fruit of this revelation
Pouring a river
Of blood
Into the alchemical fountain
Red Cedar
Used to build Solomon’s Temple
Sacred material
The bed and throne of Inanna

Passion flowing through the green light
Of the heart chakra
Magic abounds
A transcendent reality opens
Real World

Planting of the hieros gamos
Sun flower
Moon Flower
In the body of the cow
Primed to birth
Lady Liberty

Let the Goddess shape your body
Said Heyo
How, where, when
Why don’t you just let it unfold
He suggested

And here you are
Naked before the world
The corner of the world that is 47th and Lexington
Red stains obscured by the red banner
Of freedom

Gift of Freedom awaits
You sure could use the $$$$

To your right
Beloved staring
Reflected by Red Light
And the pentacle
That rules this journey
The symmetry of Venus
In her journey
To the underworld and back

So much red
Above, the spotlight
Below, the banner
You are on fire!
Red mixed with green

The green
Oh the dress
The raw silk dress in your favorite color
Embroidered collar
Worn for the first time

To meet the Flame
Sweet nectar of Pommegranite
Spilled down the front
Stripped off the stain
In his bed
Warring between the opposites
Exhausted by the battle
Despite your name

Root chakra on fire
Base of your spine
Lined up with the apex of the Yod
Forged in wax
The red sheet
Gift form the Mother
A celebration of the conjunctio
Born in the Great Mother

But that came after Real World
Remember the proper order of things
First the planting
Then the nurturing
The pod came after the physical journey
A seed carved in earth
Between a natural Yod, a branching

Finger of God
Pointing the way
To the Growth
The hieros gamos
Male shifting to female
Ancestors honored
And you descended
Into a long gestation

Your journey to Real World
A road sign
Doors open all too briefly
Then close
This happens during eclipses

A long grounding ahead
In the company of artists
Fellow travelers to the
Icon of the 21sst Century

Road signs
Cosmic signs
United is the marriage
Heaven and earth
Uniting the constellations

The pod a seed
Arising from the Bog people
Preserved in Peat Moss
The Dutch artist, Carolee
Created the seed
Meeting over a death
In Greens Farms
Mourning to come

So here is the progression
Without Real World
No pod
No comfort
Of the firm left arm
Right brain ruled
Gemini who switches gender

Music the purest form of art
Closest to the Gods
Highest chakra
Other disciplines to follow
Sixht chakra – poetry
Did that
Fifth chakra – literature
Did that
Fourth Chakra – theater
Did that
Third Chakra – Criticism
Did that
Second Chakra – Fine Art
Did that
First chakra – dance

It began with music
The genius guiding your journey
Through the ear
Pressed to the Great Below

How did it happen?
To die and be born in the inipi
To travel the Red Road
To create a codex
Of the hieros gamos
Born of a collaboration
A Man in a Woman
And Woman in a Man

No Internet in those days
Closest thing to cyberspace
Virgin Airlines to London
Red damsel luring you into
The journey

Your injured eye
Impelling you to leave your seat
Head for the last aisle
Empty except for a lone figure
Powerful, like an Indian
Holding the energy

Holding a crystal for a cure
Vision obscured
Holding a crystal for a cure
Dinner served
A gentle voice
Would you like my roll?

The face, stunning
A New Man
Reacting to the Face of the feminine

You accept the offering
On the Red Road the women feed the men
A relic from the hunt
Where the men caught the food and the women cooked it

And you make an earthly exchange
He hands you the roll
You hand him the codex
The cosmology of the hieros gamos
Discovered in the Sweat Lodge

You must meet Peter, he says
Peter Gabriel, he wrote a song about a sweat lodge
He tells you he was the drummer
For the rock star
And is on his way to Real World

Eclipses deliver change
Doors close so others may open
The door to Real World
A universal story searching for a global form
That could not possibly exist in 1993

A form born in the womb of the Great Mother
Evolved with the Body
Codex inscribed in flesh
Face submerged in the alchemical bath

Arising from the purified sulphur
You now have a recipe for containment
Creative collaborations weep no more!

The union of the Woman
And the Woman in the Man
The song goes

You produced a Virgin birth
Everest your first mountain
The air so rarified
Get me down before I fall

The Sky Goddess jumps levels
From the highest chakra
To the lowest
14 years of manifestation
2 seven-year cycles of Venus returns
To its natal retrograde in Aquarius
The task of manifestation nearly complete

But we get ahead of ourselves
First the planting
Next the nurturing
Then the flowering
Harvest follows
Ending with Death
To begin the cycle anew

Today the planting
11:07 AM
The second Gate
Swung Open
To Real World

In the cow
Mother Earth
Purified the journey
Through the relics
The discarded skins

Oroboros circling the labyrinth
Protecting the treasure
At the very center
The rosette
Symbol of Venus
Queen of Heaven & Earth
The hieros gamos takes root
Fertile, fecund, feisty female

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