Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


There is no ritual in the world without it
You are told this at a pagan barbeque
Of blood sausages
And Spanish Rioja

You bleed
On the Full Moon
And now, the New Moon
You flow
River of connection
Between Body & Earth

The body knows
Listen to the body
Let the Goddess shape your body
Those were your instructions
When you began
The journey to Real World

And now you are
Following the trail of Blood
From the mouth of the Knight
Blood authority
And his merry band of wild women

Signposts on the trail
From the Virgin flight
To the Aquarian goddess

And now, 13 years later
Blood lubricating
Midnight ritual
Under a Leo Moon
Preparing the space
For the conjunctio

Calm waters in the fountain
Where the wave will collapse
How you have anticipated this stage
Things coming into form

Last night
Leo Moon
The lover’s moon
The maiden in her “wedding” dress
Face made up
So still in the tub
The alchemical fountain
They thought you were a statue
A museum goddess

An eleven o’clock appointment
With the groom
And so…

You moved
Picking up your cell phone
At the appointed hour
A response from the window

You look up
Ten men standing outside the glass
Staring at you in the tub
A man in the front beckoning with his cell phone

What a moment
Selected for your sacred marriage
Your Aquarian Venus rising east
Uranus setting West
Your life’s torment and joy

The erotic pull
Between these planets
Electrical Storms fury
When love turns into its opposite
The mechanical bride
And her bachelors
Enough already!

Eros enters the space
The groom has arrived
The Lion of Judah
Entered to fire up the ceremony

Eros has landed!
In the body of Toth
His Moon opposing your Sun
The Sacred Marriage of opposites
Welcoming the goddess to midtown Manhattan

Venus rising/Uranus descending
You never did quite relate the stars
To the body
The mind could not encompass the
That swallows it

Many a man used to tell you
What is up there, meaning your head
Is also up there, meaning the sky
So look at the setting sun
Perched at the edge of West 47th Street
A big red fiery ball

Blazing into the Summer Solstice
With a pronouncement
Persephone begins her turnaround
To her underworld rendezvous
Lion of Judah
Partner of the Aquarian Age goddess

N/S/E/W axis
Orientation point
For the conjunctio
Marriage of Sun & Moon
Art & Cosmos

East 47th Street, the silver lined Factory
Warhol manufacturer of Superstars
And now
The biggest superstar of all,
The Earth Goddess
Midtown at Midnight
Settles into the space
Created for her emergence
From Earth

And so, the seed planted
In the cow
Carved from a tree
Six seeds of the Sunflower
Six seeds of Moonflower
Planted in the cow
In your mother’s circle
Symbol of wholeness
The fertile connection
Among women

Six, the Sacred Marriage
Sum of Leo and Aquarius
Leo ruling the heart
Aquarius, the circulatory system
Disseminating the blood

The Aquarian-Leo marriage
Nurturing the seed
Through the body
The personal body
The public body
Marriage of opposites
Creating a New Birth

And you are sitting naked in the tub
The birthing position
Expecting the new birth
Delivered through the Great Work
The Alchemy of Love

Fountain fortified
Bed of cedar
Ceremonial material of the ancients
King Solomon’s temple made of Cedar
The marriage bed in the holy of the holies
Cedar fountain
Of death and rebirth

Beneath the cedar
The purification of memory
Peat Moss masking your face

Alchemical bath
Under the full moon
Sulfur purified by the love
Of the Goddess
Pieces of La Parca
Bits of dictionary pages
All forming your be
Gifting you with their solar power

Goddess dresses propelling your journey
Purified in Salt
Healing the wounds
Of all the failed experiments
The would-be bachelors
Flying boys who refused to be men

The Goddess and her son lover
You lived that role
Many times
They preferred rebellion
To the inevitable

The rebirth of the male in the 21st century
The path forged by artists
Men who support and protect
The newly emerged feminine

With this memory of defeat
Transformed into triumph
You sprinkle Hemlock
Over the cedar

An essential reminder
Of the power of love
What heals can also kill
To much of a good thing
Becomes its opposite

And the cow manure
Placed under the map to Read World
The map that includes the shadow
The black-faced soap won as a booby prize
A warning
To the Sky Goddess
Do not interfere with the body process
Kicked out in the street in her
Patent leather French designer trench coat
Foolish girl!

Get grounded!
Here in the manure
Material of expulsion
Decay and renewal
Transformation of energy
In Matter
Mater, the mother

Your mother is in the heart
Cast from stones in her collection
Leo, ruler of the heart
Aquarius circling the heart
With her blood
Flowing over earth

Inside the heart
Earth Mother excrement
Death & renewal

Outside the heart, Cedar
Cosmic Tree
Strength & incorruptibility
stateliness & beauty
Tree of Life

Conductor of life energy
Soothing, cleansing, healing
Pine trees recharge our energy
Courage & faithfulness
Sacred to Diana, Venus & Jupiter

Finally Hemlock
Healer & Destroyer
Instilling the power of the opposites
Leo, the performer of Cosmic law
Aquarius, the interpreter of Cosmic law

In a new earthly form
Dictated by the heavens
The rhythmic dance
Between Saturn and Neptune
The pressure on the unconscious

Tell the story
Provide the narrative
Express the Real
Through the journey to Real World
But of course
How simple!

A pair Sunflowers
Protecting the Moonflower
At your feet
As you listen to your voice
Talking about the movement
Of the kundalini
Through the chakras

Your voice
So detached
So loud at times
So uneven

Well, of course!
You have the green mirror on your throat
An amplifier
Expressing every AHA moment
Of your overactive brain
And there are many

Finger of God
Or is it Goddess
Reaching from the clouds
Proclaiming the wisdom of the body
In the space
With your journey to Real World

The mating dance of the male turkey
Majestic creatures
Richly textured coats
Relaying the patterns of nature
Beards marking time
The natural selection
Hemlock mound
Earth’s bosom

She seeks her revenge
On the Greeks
Exalting word
Over image

Leaving the once dynamic goddess
Divided, immobile

The northern spirit
Earth’s domain
The darkest night
The Coagulatio
Where structures are crystallized

Death to the illusion
Shouts Saturn while ramming the sickle
Was Real World just an illusion?

The theme of this marriage
Renewing the foundation of creativity
At the source of creativity

Where human expression
Reflects cosmic expression
Myths are created

Saturn and Neptune in a mating dance
Since March when they were in stand-off
When you met the alchemist
Through the transmutation of fire
Ridding the negative patterns
For good

A new crystallization
Timed to close Earth
Termites eating through the birthing dress
Meshed in your blood
A sign of the Times
Pronouncing Female Icons
Under her bosom

Golden termites doing their part
Eating through old structures
So the new can be born
Female termites doing ALL the work

Your voice filling the gallery
With your process
Intersecting right and left brain
Through symbol
The written symbol

What joy!
Real life symbols
Reflecting your philosophy
Natural cycles
The alchemist examines in nature

Golden termites in slow motion
Through the lace
Nature’s patterns and rhythms
Embedded into the birth
Of a new form
A form uniting heaven and earth

Symbols fade in and out
Absorbed into the body
Through the performance
There is so much commotion outside
A Naked Woman!
Cries a female from the window

No, a woman filled with the Goddess
So powerful in this media driven celebrity age
It should be banned for its potency

But the Great Work is the transformation
Alchemical symbols show the way
Sprouting seed
Lady Liberty coin

Now green fire
Heart Chakra energy
A river of Absinthe fire
Peter Gabriel’s voice
This time you have gone too far1
Don’t say nothing!

Digging in the Dirt
Stay with me, I need support
Capricorn moon
Emotions run deep

Embedded in Earth
You are
As the Goddess dictates
Pouring ashes from the Crucible
Into a pot
The remnants of a death ritual

Ashes still warm
The sacrifice of the cow
Whose belly you were cutting
To receive Lady Liberty
A manifestation of a dream
Kundalini on fire

A man on the street adding to the rhythm
Of the Earth
Shaking his cup filled with coins
Singing the blues before the altar
An ode to the Goddess

When will I be a success?
You asked the yogi twenty years ago
As you placed your nervous palm
Under his discerning eye
The pronouncement grim
When you get into your body
Say what?

And here you are
In the tub

Naked flesh bearing down
Image of flesh
Absorbing into flesh
What a grounding ritual!

The body contains a memory
The Earth goddess
Covered in volcanic clay
In the Midnight Ritual
Will remain forever

Twenty years of rituals
Brought you to this temple
Golden goddesses welcoming all travelers
At the door of the hotel

The center of Manhattan
The center of a space
Made sacred by ritual

Ceremonies dictated
By the stars
Dredging up hermetic practices
Ficino in the Italian Renaissance
Making the planets REAL in daily life

Like Now
Saturn opposing Neptune
The burning in your spine
Connecting body
To Earth

Real world is Real again
In the body
The body of the work

The body knows what is real
The body is the public
The public is participant
At dusk
Blues singer outside the window
Participant in the ritual
Of making the Goddess Real

Defender of Solsbury Hill
Site of an Iron Age fort

On the top of the mound
Below the map to Real World
And a Mexican altarpiece
Image of the conjunctio inside
With a guitar
And plate of fruit

Sol & Luna embracing
Inside the World Tree
Aquarian Age icon
Marriage of Sun & Moon

Under eclipses
Life changes
Opportunities knock

And the path has been carved through
Those openings, eclipses
La Parca, symbol of fate
Touching the Earth Goddess
The kundalini snake coiled in ther body
Y over her head
Sacrifice of the dying god
The salamander and snake
Right & Left paths merging at the apex
The birth of the New

Next is the mirror of Venus
The silver lined wrapped around the handle
The box with the ashes
Of the wish you burned
At the close of Solutio

The wish for a sacred marriage
Made real
Led you back to REAL WORLD

Y is here too
The Yule Log

Next item
The triple mirror
The power of projection
As protection

And further on the path
Golden suns
The alembic
Containing the residue of Solutio
Into a new form
Things coming into form
Patterns made clear
Ribbons of copper
Forming the kundalini stream
The Alchemy of Love
Is in the flow

Robert Smithson
Your image calls out the artist
Maker of temples
As you hold a mirror to your hear

Digging in the dirt
The work of alchemist
Never ends

Flowers form your mother’s garden
Mother who gave birth to you

We arrive in the heart
A stone heart with branches
Gift from a Cow
A symbol of grounding

Then the vase of roses
From the alchemist’s garden.
The sunflower
Golden energy
Of the aristocratic heart

And now you are at the center of the path
The iron maiden
Holding your body
Arousing your kundalini

The warrior queen
Through all the chakras to reach
The ultimate goal

The Hieros Gamos
You are in Her
She is in you

Earth Goddess
No longer
She is free to move
With the rhythms of the planet
Guiding us to wholeness

And the rest of that journey
Is for tomorrow to relate
Blessed be!

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