Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Friday, April 18, 2008


Bow Bridge Reflected


One, two, three
Four, five

Six seeds
Of the pomegranate
Ingested by Persephone
In the Underworld

Six seeds
For the six months of abstinence
Six seeds
To summon the Lovers
Surrender, her body said

And so she did
Six seeds prompting
Six visitations underground
Six pairs of twins
With their promise
Of transcendence

Thrice Great Hermes
The patron of alchemy
Winged god
Extending high
To Olympus
And low
To the underworld

Only Mercurius
Promised release
From the eternal cycle
Life, death, rebirth
Hermes the agent of alchemy
Alighting in his chariot
To carry you
Through the Seventh Gate
Venus and the Moon
On a crescent boat

And so it happens
Six months after Pluto
Appeared from Liberia
At the Lab window
Proclaiming you as his wife
And insisting you bleach
Your hair blonde
For the underground journey

The seventh pair of twins
Balancing male and female
Light and darkness
With precision timing
Of the clock maker
On the Vernal Equinox
To the penthouse
Above the Laboratory
With the Sun in his pocket

Six sets of twins
#1. The fossilized art historian
Reducing you to tears
#2. The limping metallurgist
Aligned with underworld power
#3. The globetrotting midget
Divided by his finite game
#4. The Greek high priest with his
Spirit chorus of thousands
#5. The Maypole dancer swallowed
By his Shadow
#6. The hallucinogenic storyteller
Bearing the cross of the wounded male

And then
Seven appears
The number of mystical completion
In his button down male elegance
The gardener
With his six seeds
And tools for cultivation
The pen to till the fertile soil
Of the resurrected Goddess

He lets you guide him through
The Classical portals to
Origin of the World
Saturn’s scythe to clear the ground
Jupiter’s bow and arrow to point the direction
Uranus’s Tower to electrify the growth
And Sun for warmth!

In the penthouse
Of the urban temple
For the ancient goddess
Persephone at a banquet
In her pink spiral dress
The first blush of spring
Celebrating one cycle closing
And a new one opening in

The resting place
Of the ancient goddess
Who gave birth
To the Aquarian Age goddess
Her corset engaging the heart
In an infinite game
Uniting heaven & earth

And so, he invites you
Thrice Great Hermes
Into his mansion
With its many rooms
Lined with books
Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German
He is fluent in all languages of man
And the gods who speak in symbols

He greets you
On his love seat
With kisses
On your hand
Then your mouth
Lifts you on his winged chariot
Fueled by desire

“I want you natural,” he says
Stroking the arch of your foot
Worshipping your body
As a temple
Brimming with Aquarian spirit

Placing you in a constellation
All your own, where
The stars and earth dance
In rapturous wonder
And the lover’s caress
Carries a command:
Lover, come plow my field!
And gods and mortals are intertwined
In desire’s heavenly breath

One, two, three
Four, five
Six seeds consumed
By the Lovers
And pleasure is born
Under Jupiter’s Bow

Crossing the bridge
You confront your future
The nuptials decreed
By Trice Great Hermes
Pointing the direction
Through the chakras
Of Central Park


KristInanna's Bow

He lets you guide him
Through the portals
Of visual knowledge
A Zig-Zag trajectory of history
To the Origin of the World
The inner sanctum
The cave where the learned
Are reborn as Sages
Of a New Era in cyclical time

And so
The timers of our beliefs
From the seismic waves
Seizing the body
Rising you up
From the cosmic waters
Raging under Bow Briddge
Your destiny and his
Forged together

The Libra mirror cracked
In the shape of the Yod
Finger of God
Pointing to a mutual seed
Gemini generated nupiital
Wedding of Opposites
Heaven & Earth

The cracked mirror
Guided by Justice
Broken into a Yod
Shape of destiny
Guiding a mutual surrender
With Saturn’s rise
From Underground

He trades places
Enters the Underworld
As you rise
To luminosity
With Mars in the sign
Of Superstar
Ruling this cycle
Of the Pentagram

Into the most fertile form
Of Completion
The Hexagram
Shaped by our own
Individual paths
Merged from common purpose

A perfect hexagram
Makes for the best possible outcome
Of this Alchemical Experiment
And together you find it
On Beltane Eve
Mercurius guides you

To the Fifth Chakra
The Heart of Central Park
Toth with his golden loincloth
In the temple of the four seasons
On Beltane Eve

In perfect timing
Quetzalcoatl who catalyzed you
On this path
Appears before you
In the flesh

A perfect mirror met
In the Hermaphrodite
Inanna migrating in Persephone
As you rise to the distant arc
The land with no mirrors
But for you Beloved

Who joins you from Underground
To unite in the perfect marriage
Foretold by the Hermaphrodite
Performing the cosmic myth
In the Masked Gallery
As above, so below

Having passed through
Fire, Water, Earth and Air
To reach the Hieros Gamos
The icon sought through your 27-year passage
Of Venus & Luna passage
in the Crescent boat
Rising under Jupiter’s bow
Raised on stage
By Kristi Inanna

Philosopher’s Stone
Polished in the rim
Of the alchemical marriage
Sol & Venus
Marked by birth
Forged into destiny
By Saturn, the timekeeper

The Lovers’ bodies fused
By the Sun
Testimony to the Great Work
Where all opposites are one
In the great mirror of cosmos and psych
As above, so below