Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Alchemical texts
Forged into stone by men
What did they know?

The transformation takes place
In the body
Of the woman!

Curious fellow
So many characters
In the broken chalice.

Perceval, the Grail Seeker
Dumuzi, the Lover
Dionysius, the “homegrown” partier
Orion, the Hunter
And now, Priapus
The Prick!

Swallowed up
By Earth
Grotesque Priapus
With his pruning knife
Aimed at you

You got balls!
Razor sharp bite
Slicing the chord

You got balls, he said.
And hung up
Reap what you sow,

Society not ready
For the Sky Goddess
The Priestess tells me

And you have been placed
In isolation
In preparation
With the mother

When you have sex, the Priestess declares
Energies intertwine up the spine
Kundalini rises
To the altar
The crown

The feminine Salt
Purifying the Sulfurous
Mercury creating connections

People who have sex too soon
Don’t know they are taking in
The energy of the Other
Toxicity engorging the prick!

Guardian of the Garden
Joint in the mouth
Leering with his blade
Too flabby to sluice
His own erection

Growing larger
By the moment

Here is the change
Mercury in Leo
VENUS in Leo
Mars in Gemini
Jupiter Direct!

Death is the end
Of Earth
The swallowing
Of the Characters
Born in Fire

Y, the Yod with its
Conjunctio of opposites
Right & left paths
Converge in Salamander & Serpent

With its Mylar reflection
The Scales
Of Silver and Gold
The Pentacle
The Iron Maiden!

Death the ultimate
Body decaying into Earth

Tentacles extending into the underground
The Spring
Bursting forth
The Aquarian Age Goddess

Created from Salt
Acting on Sulfur

How he stinks
Of herb
Mercury poisoning
Sulfurous Priapus!

The spring
Reviving Life
The Underground Stream
Sophia Surfacing
In your body

Characters born of the Nigredo
Consumed by Earth
Goddess devouring
Preparing the ground for the New

Death the ultimate
Flesh & bones sinking into Earth
Womb of the Great Mother

Calling forth
The sign, Water Bearer
You wear it
Over your heart

Alembic destroyed
Experiment over
And so, death
To the Old

On with the New!
The return of the cross
Mars in Taurus
Stampeding bulls
Charging forth
The image for AIR

Chalice shattered
What does it mean?
Asked your left brain
Even as your right brain
Guided you to
Create in the darkness

Every afternoon
Three days
Until the finger is pricked
On the Broken Chalice

Blood, said the Knight
Over a blood sausage
And Spanish Rioja
There is no ritual
Without it

Reflecting the Water Bearer
Dragon at the base
Desire transformed
Into Spirit

Blonde Goddess materialized
At the center of your astrological chart
Covering your heart
Chalice containing the Star

The Water Bearer embodied
Declares a shimmering Pentacle
Inside the Broken Chalice
With spiral disk, slender stem
Surrounded by chards
Broken dreams

The mirror of the conjunctio
Pulled away & shattered
Mercurius disappears
Priapus swelling forth
Erection plunging into Air
Engorged in blood

Splattered in fury
You really got balls!
Erect phallus
Wielding a shadow
Over the experiment

Pruning Knife
Cutting of the connection
For ever,
So he warned

There was a female
Maria, the Prophetesa
Derived the formula
1+1 = 3

An exchange of sexual energy
Results in a third entity
The Conjunctio
Under the best of conditions
And the parade of archetypes
Under the worst

And so
Saturn rules this performance
What does the god say

The Water Bearer
In the Pentacle
Is You!
You claimed it
With your heart

Alembic broke
You give out no more
Experiment complete
Earth gives way to Air
Purifying Salt
Liberated from Sulfur

How liberating is this!
From your pattern
Usually you stick around
Dedicated to Sulfur

The work of a lifetime
Tireless & endless
Making Perceval conscious
Of Priapus!

You are the flakiest person
I have ever met!
He told you
When the Serpent descended

Priapus arose with his Pruning Knife
Chord severed
But not before heralding you
With the Sky Goddess

You have balls!
He told you
The second time

Alembic shattered by the force
Of the Bull
Characters devoured
By Hades
Experiment complete
You can fly again!

The Conjunctio
Is Internal
We know this after

After thousands of years
Women no longer slaves
To the Sulfurous male
In need of their purifying salt

You say
Take all the Earth
And its bodies of work!
Keep them as reminders

Of female liberation
From the Alchemist
Slash Genius Slash

Just stuff!
Take it

I never want to speak to you again!
He said
The prick!

And so,
The sulfurous masculine
Remains behind
Sinking into his own bile

Your conscience is clean
Years of confrontation
With the inner male
Mirror shattered

No more mirrors, he said
And so, the image
Arising out of the shards
Of mirror

Liberation is at hand!
In his accusation
You got balls,
Says Priapus

When you ask for the bodies
Of work in his possession
(how many women artists have
gone through this with their male slash collaborators slash geniuses slash pricks!)

His parting gift
The Hermaphrodite
In you

Triggering your vision
The inner conjunctio
Ready to roll

Sulfurous male
You fly
Phoenix out of the nest

You got balls,
He says
When you, all innocence
Nicely ask for your characters
The ingredients to the Mandala

But no,
You won’t see them again.
Mandala swept away with the Earth
Old mirror shattered
New mirror born

The Buddhist Monks
Sweeping away the Mandala
Letting go of the material

Embracing impermanence
As a lifestyle
At last!

In bed on this morn
Taking inventory
The silver mirror

Characters submerged
In earth
They will remain

You got balls!
The icon Inanna
A gift from the sculptor
On your birthday, 1998

First anniversary of the
In the heavens
Doorbells for breasts
Carved penis, erect

You got balls!
Cries Mercurius
The work is done!
You have embodied the image
Fierce, winged, open, headless

Aquarian Age Goddess
Sulfuric man
Be gone with you!

You are the flakiest person I have ever met
Proclaimed Mercurius
I am free to be me, again
You declare to yourself

Liberated from
The prison of these many years
Of preparation
At the origin
In your mother’s garden

Where ugly plant bloomed
When you returned from the
Free from Pluto’s clutches
At least for a season

Could it be for good now?
Mercurius in his multiple guises
Dionysius the tooker
Orion the boastful hunter
Dumuzi, the Beloved
Even Gilgamesh
I will not be your next victim!

Of the fierce love
Of the Goddess
Stripped of power to make love
Wages only war

But you have restored
Queen of Heaven and Earth
For a new era

Opposites converging
In your body
Doorbell breasts revealed
To the world

Declaring the genius
Of the Male who confronted
To purify himself
For the Sacred Marriage

At least one exists
You know it
Because he appeared in your
Beside the canal in Bath
Is that you healing me?
He knows!

And so we await the wedding
But first we claim our prize
Trophies Lost and Found
Reward Sought
A new work created
From the pile of found objects
Trophies of a long distance runner
A woman

You reward yourself
Trophies Lost and Found
For having gone the distance
Placed in a mandala
On the garden altar

Mylar mirror
You named FAME
Reflected now in the Venus
Reflecting the Water Bearer
Your heart

Venus in her perfect
Symmetrical rhythm
Returning to eight years ago
The cycle that bestowed
On your path

The Beloved
Who created the American icon
That broke the alembic
Complicity between
Government and art
Could only be bad for the culture

Eight years ago
Mirrored in the star
Now the star
Is you!

Three drops of blood
On the reflection
Of the lance…er camera
Weapon of self-validation

Without it,
No record of the public experiment
The rest buried in Earth
Claimed by Priapus
As his own

Turned destroyer
Lance is the shiny reflection
Of the contradiction
The World Axis

The cardinal points
(oh yes, how you needed his cardinal energy)
Cancer is the Yin & Yang
Entry point of the human manifestation
Of the universal archetypes
Of Capricorn

Oh the insights
Brought by the Earth Goddess!
Shared with the Capricorn priestess
Under this half moon in Earth1
Taurus, the budding priestess
Of Anja,
Child of the New Age

Cardinal points
Human & universal
On your personal axis
The turning point
We will see

Lance is Air
Masculine thrust
Element of your Sun
Opposed by Fire
Uranus in the sign
Of its fall

You have planted
Marigold anew
In the air
The deck of the High Priestess
Earth Mother

Mary Gold
The Heavenly Bride
The golden bloom
Off the Conjunctio

Little Fire Sun
Blazing a path
The conjunctio
Of Venus & the Sun

The chaos of change
Venus in the underworld
Shedding the skin
Of Capricorn
Preparing the fiery cloak

Virgin transformed
Into Love Goddess
With her six blooms
The hexagram
Of the Lovers!

Your star burns
In your heart
Reflecting the heavenly passage
Of Venus
From Evening to Morning Star

A dream warns
No more time for reflection
When she arrives
Time for Action!

So little time left
Years of preparation
And now…

Air carries you
On the wings of angels
Blazing image and word
Across the galaxy

Your task now
Aquarian bride
To find Leo
Lion of Judah
Consort envisioned
By Starbird

Materials scattered to the wind
Bride of the Wind
A healing image
Kokoska threatened to kill
His muse
Your image-maker only threatened
To break your legs!

Ahhh What an image!
Legs grounded permanently in earth
Spirit flies
To great destiny!

Satiated in Earth
The deck of the Priestess
In Bloom!

Earth upon the Air
The only place there is sun
She says
What a manifestation
Of your in-between

Finishing up Earth
Preparing for air.
Begonia, yellow
Forget me Not, bright blue

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Transforms structure
Roses changing
Mother Goddess
Into Love Goddess

Your spiritual guide
Whose burial
Lead you on the manifestation
Of earth

From her casket
Protecting her children
Through the scent of the rose
The abundance of the early harvest
Prepared for lifetimes

Spicy scent
Before the Death
Of the Mother
Who led you on the journey

Her blood daughter
Priestess with child
Relates the magic
Of the bloom enfolding you
In its spell
On air
The deck.

A stem flew out of the soil
Grew fast
Bloomed the day
She died
Flower stayed for so long

Earth Mother
Speaking to her daughter
Saying, I’m OK
You are OK
Go forth now daughter
Bloom with the New Age

Let it be
A sign of the cycle
Death and rebirth
The return of the goddess
A month ago

Thinking of the mother
Burst into bloom
So many blooms
Greeting you in air!

Mother speaking through the rose
Not just one bloom
But six
The number of the Sacred Marriage
What other sign do you need?

The matrix of the six
The beehive
Praying for guidance
Cluster of Six Blooms
You cheer over the matrix

Thank you Mother
For the six
Pink for innocence
The resurrection of the Groom
Who must die
Once again
To wed properly
In the Conjunctio

Oh, yes
Once more
The artist asks
How much deeper do I go

As deep as you need go
To manifest
The Eternal Return
Bringing in the myth
Of the Aquarian Age
Opposites equal
The balance of the Six

Illusions shattered
The faulty suitors
Imprisoning you
In the cycle of Preparation
Attraction, manifestation
Letting go

And so
With the High Priestess
The message clear
In your vision
To be codified in AIR

Mirror in shards
The pricks of blood
Cinderella emerging from the hearth
For Marriage

The thirty years of
Glamour and disappearance
Finally over
She is ready

Venus in this incarnation
Too powerful
For words
Could only emerge
Through the union
Image and words

The roses in six-pack
Of legions
Six, the number of the Lovers
Page Six
The devastation of the Lovers

Beginning With Spark
The Alchemist a product
Of the Nigredo
Lead transformed
By Mercury
Awareness of the pattern
Awareness of the conclusion
Of patterns
To exhaustion

Ultimately Boredom
The worst imaginable assault
On the sky Goddess
Is boredom!

Filled by the power
OF the co-creation

Too strong
For the alembic
Glass pricking your forefinger

Left hand
Guided by right brain
Intuition ruling
The solitary experiment
Alembic shattered
Blood flows
And Life begins

Blood, declared the English
There is ritual
Without it
So blood on the chalice
Drops on the pentacle

Your guiding symbol
Aquarian Age
Water Bearer
And so you tell
Your tale
The return of the Bride
The Resurrected Groom

The Grail
Carrying the Bloodline
The Conjunctio
Of God and Goddess
Jesus & Mary Magdeline
Inanna & Dumuzi

And so you return
To origin
The Aquarian wave
Cruising the blog
The carrier of the bloodline

Chalice Bearer
Whose cup you fill
With your Aquarian spirit

And so we return
Guided by the rose
Our lady of Guadalupe
Blooming in six
Number of the Lovers

Ego dies
I am mortal
It declares
Soul is eternal
Saturn rules the Coagulatio

Bye Saturn
The Great Mother
Coagulatio feels like dying
The transition is huge

A new experience
After 20 years
And several lifetimes
Of alchemical experiments

Saturn transformed
From limiting father
Into Birth Mother

The ever-present origin
At its source
Birth Mother
Renewed of Spirit
Of her children

Old Saturn, the timekeeper
Withers on the vine
Priapus pissing
Over creation
That he cannot make real
On his own
No matter how long is
His prick!

And So
Earth Goddess
Guides you
Into living history
The choreographer tells
Of a legacy that inspires

And so you dance
To the celebration
Death and rebirth
Your journalism
And creations merge
Into a single message
Ending your interview

An image of your bicycle
With wings

Fueled by your own power
Your unique path
Your self-created structure
The blessing of the Earth Goddess
Offering to Venus
Who has emerged
At last
From underground

Illusions die
But structure is real
The proof found
News of the perfect hexagram cloud
Hovering over the North Pole
Of Saturn!

What better sign
Could cross your path
Of the transformation

Of Earth
Saturn, ruler of structure
Projecting the Hieros Gamos
Into Air!!!

Grab a ring
You are
At last
To fly!