Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Day Five
Moon in Libra

You died last night
In the Fountain
At 2:30 AM
You curled up
And died

Disappearing over Earth
Under the black night
The black satin
Covering the bed in Fire

Death seized you
In the matrix
Leading you to Real World
And back

You return to the past
To arrive at the future
The nurturing of the body

Through the Venus cycles
Honored on the altar
The five mounds of matter
Containing the purified

Her pentacle shape
The rhythm by which she moves in the heavens
And below

Venus projecting the force
Of the feminine
Through her cycles
Of Death and Rebirth
As Morning and Evening Star

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn
The five points repeating itself
In a perfectly symmetrical
Absorbing the energies
Of liberation

The symbol of the labyrinth on the wall
Reflecting the Real World
Above the shrine to the New Man

The adept must travel the labyrinth
To arrive at the center
The six-petal Rosette
Symbol of the ancient love Goddess
Queen of Heaven & Earth

Myths, proclaimed the great teacher
Are created for the first time by the gods
And repeated into perpetuity by humans

You died last night
To be reborn
Into the emerald star
The alchemist placed
On your forehead

The vision filled the vessel
Emptied by five days
Of ritual fasting
A walk
Through the Mandela
Delivering Cosmos into Body
In midtown Manhattan

Taking position
On the throne
The center of
The Finger of God
Before the pregnant cow

A manifestation of a dream
When you were in the labyrinth
A cow with a coin in its belly
Lady Liberty born
From the resurrected female

Your hands burning
Yes, it is time
So much
Love from the street

Couples holding hands
Thumbs up
You know what this means
The constellation has landed!

To hell with the art world
The media
Tentacles of the Patriarchy
Repressing the knowledge
Of liberation

You hear the voice
On the street
Climbing the stairway to heaven
Through the chakras
Spreading a new idea to the people
The body as the temple
Of a new religion

And you think about
The woman who wrote the book
On charisma
How her ideas were controversial
Not with the people
But the media
Who believed only THEY had charisma

The serpent power is accessible to all

It is your destiny
To bypass the art world
The media
The academics
To bring this knowledge
To the people

Why else would you have chosen a father
Who went all the way to a mountaintop in India
To find the secret of the serpent power
Which ultimately destroyed him
Yet left trails for you to follow
Through the labyrinth
To find establish your own power
In the world

Last night you died
The sacrifice was essential
To make this knowledge
Known to humanity
The injustices in the world
Are simply too great

You are crying now
In the Fountain
Emboldened by the Coagulatio
As you recall Death
The earth is suffering
The pain that humans have inflicted on Her
Is immeasurable

The green light of compassion
Must flow
It begins with a conscious act
By a solitary human being
Sitting in an antique iron bathtub
In midtown Manhattan
And spreads to the world

The pain inflicted on the Native Americans
Custodians of the Earth
They invited you into their church
Where they poured their pain
Into water over the coals
Horrendous stories
Of disconnection
Alcoholism and despair

The shaman with the limp
Body used
For Polio experiments
He told you that
He died twice

Once you overcome your fear
Of death, he said
You can move
Between the worlds
You become a shaman

You have died so many times
On this journey
All to sit
In the center
Of the matrix formed
In last night’s ceremony

How many times
Have you shouted to the universe
Use me!
And finally it happened
Right in public

Four lines of energy connecting
Uranus and Neptune
The mutual reception between
Pisces and Aquarius
Into the Moon
And Venus

Mars, the Warrior
The New Male
Who is grateful
To the Goddess
For making him whole
This was your experience
In the Coagulatio

During the Solstice ritual
You proclaimed
For the world to have peace
Masculine and feminine
Must integrate
And so you created the Mandela
Of the Sacred Marriage
The peace sign

Before the cow
Carrying the seeds
In her belly

You disappeared
Into a trance state
Joined the spirits
Inside the alchemist’s emerald star
Icon of the Conjunctio
Marriage of Sol and Luna

Peter Gabriel’s Passion raising
The spirits to dance through the gallery
Injecting the message
Into your body
It is time

You have gone through
Many deaths on this journey
The more rapid the alchemical transmutation
The more deaths you must endure

Death in the high desert
Where you discovered
A biography on Krishnamurti
And there, in a photo of Annie Besant’s inner circle
A photo of Nick’s ancestor
In Bishop’s hat

You died in the presence of your suitor
On the beach in Malibu
Where he held your face in his hands
Words like a caress
We share a common destiny

The photograph was the signal
You had to go to London
The timing was crucial
By the Universe
You had to comply

December 13, 1993
You remember it well
Your passport was renewed
With moments to spare
A miracle that you got on the plane
With the infected eye
An ominous sign of disaster

You struggled to make that
That Virgin Airline flight
The hands of your destiny clock
Rapidly ticking
Like a time bomb
Detained by an Israeli security guard
There is something about you, he said
Narrowing his gaze

Such was the energy
Propelling you to London
On that fated day

What is she doing?
A knock
Can I go in there with you?
No, you reply with a shake of the head
A flash from a camera

You rush Nick through
The British Museum
Not stopping your quest
Until reaching the oldest gallery
The Mesopotamian Room
With the clay cuneiform tablets
In display cases
You travel back in time
To the origins of writing

There you stood in awe
Caressing the image of Inanna
In your good eye
Holding her symbol of the Reed
The plant that grows
In the intermediate realm
Between conscious (land) and unconscious (river)

That pregnant moment
By a loud ringing
Doors to the gallery swing shut
Leaving you and your suitor
Alone among the ancient relics
A bomb scare, he says

And so
This is the bomb you arrived in London to defuse!
The guardians protecting knowledge
Of the empowered Venus
Self proclaimed Queen of Heaven & Earth!

You had to leave Los Angeles
First the riots
Then the fires
The ashes still warm
When you crossed a boundary
To tour the ravaged hills of Malibu
Delivered sweets to a woman
Mourning over the loss of her English garden
Lovingly attended over 20 years
She never recovered from the loss

A knock on the window
Another camera pointed at your face
You aren’t used to smiling
When you write
But you do for the camera

After your Narcissus bloomed
On the Spring Equinox
Running to Sedona
After hearing Peter Gabriel’s command
Jump into the water
As the washing machine overflowed

In the desert
You met a woman
Who had Peter Gabriel
In her backpack

The entire body of work
You listened to as you drove
Through the labyrinth
To the sacred sites
Body blown by forces
You had not the strength, the stability
To contain

And so
You bought another Virgin Airlines ticket
Slick patent leather
Trench coat placed on
Your shoulders by a friend

There, she said, now you
Will intimidate them!
Our other friend,
Who bought you
The Chanel lipstick
Coco Red
Bought by another friend

In London they thought you were
A high-class hooker
Trying to convert you to Jesus
In the Underground
Asking how much you charge
On the street

But you were in England
On a wedding march
Or so you thought

Nick took you through the rituals
Of the Sacred Marriage
The visit to the village
May Day ceremony
To witness the crowning
Of King and Queen
Around the Maypole

The visit to the castle
To have tea
With the husband
Of Princess Diana’s astrologer

The cleansing baths
In his antique bathtub
With feet

Now, sitting in your own tub
The Iron Maiden
Vibrating to the sound
Of death and rebirth
The Passion pouring through your computer
Moving the kundalini through the chakras

You realize what you were doing in London
In that get up
You were acting out the Magdalene
Experiencing first hand what it feels like to have the Goddess given power

Prospective bride
For running off to the high desert
To discover a secret
The occult ancestry
Of the groom

Along with his magician’s craft
As he sought
The key to fertility
Yet repressed
Keeper of the secret of fertility

The prospective bride
Not yet returned
From exile

The fated encounter
To the inevitable conclusion
Tossed out in the cold

The only shelter a red phone booth
With the crown over the door
Another sign of the Sacred Marriage
Which wasn’t meant to be

As you stood and watched
The lights go on
And then go out
Inside his Hampstead townhouse
As the phone rang and rang
In your ear

Gathering your slick trench
Around you
In the cold of the spring night
What other conclusion could you draw?
Only the most obvious

There is no place in this world for the
Empowered woman
In the 20th century
What else could you do

But retreat from the battleground
Return to your childhood home
As the century ran its course
To work out a solution

But first you returned to Bath
Where you got caught up in another myth
The return of Venus

A procession to the Cross Bath
Pagan figures with matted hair
Raising torches and candles
An offer of a flame
An invitation
To participate
In a mythical unfolding

Winding through town
To a Georgian building
With a serpentine east façade
The origin of the Cross Bath

The foundation of the city
And entrance to the Otherworld
Place of communion with the Earth Mother Goddess
Sulia, a Welsh name meaning
An opening, gap, eye or orifice

Within the gap between worlds
The observer transforms into participant
You sign the petition to restore the spring

The procession continues
A fellow in a shirt proclaiming
Save Solsbury Hill
They are building a new Euoroute, he says
Costing 75 million pounds

A boy hands you a map
Tracing the Euroroute with his finger
It runs beside the train tracks
That is right, he says
They are destroying a sacred site
Solsbury Hill

Solsbury Hill? Isn’t that from a Peter Gabriel song?
The hill existed before the song.
You can see the city lights. That is Bath?

You are in rhythm with the Durgas
Warriors of the Earth Goddess
Protectors of her sacred sites

You lived with the Earth people in America
The Native Americans
And now, these are the Earth people of Europe
In dreadlocks
Baggy linen trousers held up with a rope
Torn woolen jumper

Eight hundred sacred sites
Ruined by technology, you are told
The collective lament
Roads are for connections
They used to bring people together
Now they divide

You travel with the Durgas
To their camp
In a cow pasture
They invite you to spend the night
You decline but agree to attend
The pagan wedding ceremony
On the hill top the next day

It is drizzling in the morning
You arrive at the base of the hill
Torn up by the man made machines
It is a dramatic site

Children climb the bulldozers
And are flung to the ground
The engines roar
Over the wailing mothers

A graffiti message scrawled
On the trailer proclaiming
A menace that started small
Grown into a monster
Threatening to destroy the whole town

A fire at the center
Of an encampment
And there you meet Tinkerbelle
A fierce beauty

In a ragged peacoat
Golden dreadlocks
Matted by mud
You are the scribe, she tells you
You are writing the myth

Armed by this information
You long for perspective
And forge onward and upward

Wandering through
Fields of violet and buttercups
You reach barbed wire
Refusing to be daunted by a physical boundary
You climb the fence
Tearing the designer trench

The embattled warrior
Armor ravaged by the tension
Of warring archetypes
Projecting onto your mirrored surface

Suppressing your dark thoughts
You cast your gaze to your journey
Solsbury Hill above you
Majestic and proud
Oblivious to the war
Raged at her foot

You arrive at the top
Flattened in the Iron Age
When the breasts were removed
From the Earth Goddess
To make her into an Amazon

You find the shrine
A medicine wheel
Beside a white flag
Waving a simple message

Venus appears on the horizon
Filling you with a
You hadn’t experienced
Since the sweat lodge

An inner union
Magician & priestess
Engaged in the Conjuntio
An inner experience

At odds with
Your image
The femme fatale
Lent to you by female friends
Glossy black trench with its golden buttons
Chanel lipstick
The combat boots were your own
By the way

The next day, you amble
Through the village
Entering a shop
Where you showed them
The torn coat
They laughed out loud
And you had to join them in mirth

Where could you go now?
With your image in tatters?

Sipping cider
At a bar
You hear
Solsbury Hill
Son, we are going to take you home
And you knew precisely where
You had to go

There was one more sign
In America
On the marquee of the Beacon Theater
Reads Peter Gabriel: Witness

It took thirteen years of bearing witness
While developing a form
That delivered you here in the Iron Maiden
Thirteen years for the artifacts of your mystical ride in England to

When you returned to New York
Taking a stroll up Broadway
There you saw it
The message
The Beacon Theater
Peter Gabriel: Witness

And so, you created
The Roadmap
Through the Labyrinth
to Real World

And truly, the story is quite funny
That is what your teacher wrote
On Exercise # 5
At a Columbia Writing Intensive
Where you attempted to pick up the wreckage
The Sacred Marriage
If not in love
Than at least on paper

And here they end up
Surrounding you in the gallery
A return to that early vision of
The Conjuctio

A knock on the window
Another camera
You aren’t used to smiling
When you are writing

You considered last night
During the ritual
What would have happened
If you remained in that
Mystical world swirling around you
The wounded male spirit in his townhouse
Dripping blood from the penis

Nick who promised to remove
You from the Hall of Mirrors
And placed you even deeper
Into the myth

Now, 13 years later
You are finally grounded
Enough to return there
The land where the Goddess
Is remembered

From the Native American sweat lodge
To the Cross Bath
A cry for Her resurrection
The cry for her sacred spaces
To be preserved
And what was your role
In this passion play

Tinkerbelle told you
So you returned to the hearth
The house where you were raised
And began to write
You wrote nonstop
For fourteen years

A virtual hill of writing
About the Goddess
A stream of energy
That could not be stopped
Only controlled
Poured into the alphabet
The alphabet transformed into images
Streaked with your menstrual blood
Your passion
Flowing with the Moon

This was the gift of the Goddess to humanity
It liberated you
Perhaps it can do the same for others

There is no ritual in the world
Without it

Eating blood sausages
Under an eclipse
Sipping the blood of Christ
In a Rioja

Men gashing their limbs at Sun Dance
Lilith runs off
To the Red Sea
Sleeping Beauty has her finger pricked
Before waking
The horror of death through sex

There is no ritual in the world
Without it
Purified, it gives life
Tainted, it kills

Your blood
The Passion
Transforming words
Into Sacred Matter
The Great Work
To be completed
At the Fall Equinox

The rest is up to the Universe


Friday, June 22, 2007


Day Four
Moon in Virgo

In the Fountain
Soaking up the energy
Of Earth

You laugh as you remember
The dialogue propelling you here
Before the altar of the Earth Goddess

Five mounds of peat infused with Salt
Purified relics of the journey
Pieces of La Parca
Your Goddess dresses

The word Goddess is
Forbidden in the art world
Gae told you
As you sat before her new creation
A breakthrough

The self-contained Vesta
Who doesn’t give a damn whether she is
Called a Goddess

You repeated Heyo’s expression
The face of the feminine
Yes, she liked that

Today is Day 4
The Summer Solstice
Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus
Charged atmosphere
Of dissemination

Arrived early
Due to necessity
The urgent message of the Summer Solstice
Accompanied by magic

You found a paperwork with two masks
One in metal
The other in feathers
With it is an invitation from Christopher Knight
To attend a wild party on the Solar Eclipse (1994)
Which required wearing a mask

You created Mask, an art piece
As a reminder of your colossal impatience
You wrote that you refused to wear a mask
You expected the face to emerge
On the Solar Eclipse!

Little did you know that it would take another 14 years
Two more turns on the pentacle!
How many masks you would have to wear!

You brought Mask to complete the dialogue
Returning it to the source
Your Virgin flight to England
In search of Her
At Stonehenge
Solsbury Hill
With its flattened mound

It is time
To celebrate the authentic face of the feminine in public
The Summer Solstice
Ruled by Venus
Elevated in Leo
Approaching Saturn
Opposing Neptune

A boomerang across the sky
Shouts a message
She arrives in a new art form
Mirroring a 21st century cosmology
Heaven &Earth

What makes you so confident?
The Solstice sunrise delivered a gift
News of a discovery
Hubble images of the two largest asteroids
Ceres and Vesta
Now holding their own
With Pluto

Ceres is thought to have a layered interior like the Earth
A rocky core, icy mantle and thin dusky crust
How fitting that Ceres, the Earth Mother
Has a body like Earth
And Vesta, with her face
Revealing a huge crater
From the explosion
Vestoids are born
Priestesses in training

Before the Greeks made her a vestal virgin
Vest was sacred prostitute
Her intercourse with the King
Assured legitimacy
Fertility for a New Earth cycle

You guided a performance under the Solar Eclipse
A day before the 2006 Fall Equinox
To honor the Sacred Marriage
Of Pluto and Persephone

An equal partnership
An archetypal couple
Sharing power equally
Made possible
By Pluto’s controversial demotion
Into an asteroid

A vote among astronomers
Who don’t believe in astrology
For the most part
Reflecting a change in cosmology
Men no longer steal the female power
They honor it
And so, this confirmation of your path
A gift from the Goddess

The universe is using you
To disseminate this message
Of equal partnership

You are in the tub now
Still under red lights
Awaiting the green stream
Heart energy
You earned it
By containing the energy
You used to pour so freely
Into the mouths of hungry men

You feel like a completely different person now
Purified by fasting and mud
Aware the universe is using you
To disseminate this message
Of equal partnership
Where women will be valued as creative partners

On your passage to the Lab
Now a sacred space
You put out a call
For a priestess to assist you

A wish placed before the Goddess
On the day of the Harvest
Someone to reap with you
Someone eager to learn

Having completed this call of necessity
You focused on a ceremony
Honoring the face of the feminine

Appears at the door

Wearing a bright lime green shirt and tiny shorts
Long hair pulled away from her face
Hoop earrings
And the face of the feminine
Soft and strong
Contained and open

She appears at the door
As if she knew you were expecting her
And you let her in
She is stunning
A loveliness that radiates from the inside
Big oval eyes
A sweetness that is incandescent
She wants to know how to honor the Goddess
Ripe for priestess training

She tells you of the struggles
Young women have today
Not knowing what to do with this power
So vulnerable

She is frank about her needs
No seduction
No manipulation
Young & innocent
They mistake my kindness for weakness, she says
And you feel her strength
You realize she is a gift
From the Goddess

A surprise for the Harvest
You have just finished the Solstice Chart
And are making a crown of flowers
In celebration of the maidens of Summer
Persephone’s turnaround

When she appears at the door
Like an omen
You continue bending and weaving the flowers
As you talk
You are making a crown
A Solstice crown

This is the ritual
That could not have been planned
To weave while bestowing wisdom
The projection happens quite naturally
The omen in the Venus mirror with the handle
You were guided to place before a three way mirror

You came out of the sweat lodge and would see Her
The face of the feminine
Little did you know that it would take ten years
To put that energy in your body

Sitting in the tub with the crown on your head
You are Queen!
Remembering the words of Heyo
So long ago
They are Goddesses, all of them
But do they know it?

On the wall you are talking about the wisdom
Of the Third Eye
Majesty asks about the Third Eye
That is where you need to keep your energy
You tell her
This way you will be able to see the patterns
Pluto’s methods of stealing power

You realized at that moment
How much young women need this knowledge
How to be goddesses honored by men
As you are in the gallery

You are grateful for her presence
The young and innocent face
Your voice exclaiming outside the window:
I was wearing that dress!!!!
The dress you are looking at now

In the corner
At last, sitting in Earth
Listening to Peter Gabriel
Digging in the dirt
Stay with me I need support
The light bulbs have been changed from red to green
Sexual potency no longer dominating the space
Now, it is filled with streaming heart energy
Of the conjunctio
Where you arrived yesterday
The flowering

What compassion you feel for this young woman
So much to offer the world
No support for the development of her Goddess given gifts
You resolve to help her
You ask her to write down her birthday

It is a fated moment
You both feel it
Your heart and mind at one
You glance at her birthday
The chart in your hand
The Boomerang at work
Under the eclipse influence

The threshold she has crossed
Closing doors and opening others
A budding priestess ready to be trained
You invite her into the Mandala
And give her a primary lesson
You tell her about the four directions
The four elements
Of transformation

You instruct her to sit in the south
The Pine
Place of rest and repose
You sit opposite
On Hemlock
A reminder that too much wattage can kill
You hold your energy

You tell her to let go of the past
Those who have tried to steal her energy
When Pluto was still a planet
And you ask her about her self-expression

You invite her to the Venus altar
The Goddess speaks through you
In the form of a prayer
That she will honor this power
By committing to contain it
in her body

North is the place of the Earth Goddess
Capricorn, the sign ruling the Venus cycle
Coming to a close
The north empowers the Queen
You feel the Coagulatio
In this installation

Where an impromptu visit is performance
Yet real
A shift of archetypes
Determined by the cosmology
An entryway over the Threshold
To Real World

You perform a ritual
By channeling the Solstice Chart
Just completed but unread
When she appears at the door
You are focused on the boomerang
Drawn on the chart like a peace sign

Moon opposed Uranus
The unpredictable
Crucible appears on the wall
Before you
Yes, this is a transformational moment
For you both

Writing this
In the tub
It is nearly dusk
Images are clearer
The chart

Saturn opposing Neptune
Nearly exact
Integrating the supreme creative act
Delivering art to its religious origins
In the vast ocean where
We are all one

The time has come
The face of the feminine
Has arrived

Has this announcement written
On her stunning face

What is this?
A young man asks at the door
What do you think it is?
He shrugs
Read the statement
He does
Looks even more bewildered

In a moment
You turn
He is before the front window now
With a woman
Reading the statement
She is nodding
See, she understands
I’ll tell him later, she says

Women get what is going on
Men do too, but most of them have
A base question
Usually made with gestures
Is that your body projected nude on the wall?

A man in uniform yesterday
Smiling and nodding at the window
Thumbs up

Perhaps they are happy
To see a real woman’s body
Projected larger than life
You are huge
In a state of pregnancy
Indeed, you needed all that extra weight
To endure the labor

Oh, now you see
The planting on Monday
Honoring the Venus Moon conjunction
Gifted you with the detachment
To write through this

And so we honor the Goddess
Expressed by the movement of the planets
And prepare our body
To receive Her message

You have a vision of women
Dragging their men
To the 47th Street altar
So beautifully timed to the Summer Solstice
As a means of starting up a dialogue
Of a new religion

One the nourishes and forgives
And here you are on the wall
In birth position
Giving birth to this new religion

Your stomach looks huge
In these images
Amazing how the Goddess
So instantaneously expands your body
Federico’s voice so soothing
Let the Goddess tell you what to do

The message has become urgent
Even white men in government understand
The necessity of caring for the Earth
Least we all become extinct

And so, as you sat mesmerized by the dignity
Of Gae’s self-determined Goddess
Who will not go forth by that name
You resolved to bring the dialogue to the art world
The face of the feminine

Missing from every gallery
Every museum
How can such a colossal omission
Go unnoticed?

So right there you resolved
To bring the dialogue into the art world
You took photos of Gae with her faceless creation
Crafted from Asian fabric and plastic hair accessories

I want to make up your face, she declared
And you realized even then
That you had been launched into performance
Without the video to record it

You surrendered
To a new face
You are wearing it now
Thick eyebrows
White in the corner of the eye
It makes them pop
She said

She taught you how to pose
Shoulder forward
Head thrust back
A bold expression for your new face

You agreed to bring the face of the feminine
Into an art world dialectic
Or so you thought

A few days later
You meet her
The woman with a face
From Crete
The last location of Goddess worship
In the Meditteranean
Before she was eclipsed

You encounter this extraordinary face
At a truly wacky event
The Warhol Superstar Banquet
Honoring the 20th anniversary
Of the Pop star’s death

Federico arrives
And now you are pointing down the street
The site of the Silver Factory
The origin of the Sky Goddess
In Pop
This synchronicity is caught on camera

Federico says the green light is much better
Yes, not nearly so erotic
That is the idea
Of the Alchemy of Love
Bringing the energy up to the heart

A loud rapping at the window
They all want to know the same thing
These men that knock on the window
They want to know if you Her
That face so made up
Face a mask
And body nude in birthing position
Except for purple lipstick on the nipples

You ay this out loud to Federico
As you write
Don’t tell them, says Federico
Who is shooting you Me now in the tub

The dialogue with Gae was prelude
To the convergence of superstar faces
At the Andy Warhol Superstar Banquet
But you find the face
Not in the camera ready names
But a critic, like yourself
A scholar from Crete
With a style to match your own

Robert Heide tells a story
Andy Warhol
Asking him to write a play about Edie
Committing suicide
Devil or angel?
You ask
But you know the answer

You meet Penny Arcade
The downtown performance artist
Performing nude since the eighties
You discuss the young female performer
Written up in the newspaper of record
Who sells photographs of faces
She makes on her vagina

She is my student, says Penny
Lamenting that young performance artists
Products of art schools
Lack personal material for their art form
Which comes with experience
And can only appropriate from others
Which gives their art an easy handle

Despite all your private performances
Before the Cosmos
You never dreamed
You would be a performance artist

There is just this terrible urge
To tell your story
To remove the burden
Of this wisdom
From your breast

So much attention given to denigrating the female
In the art world
Is there no room for the Goddess
Who delights in her body?

Penny says when she performed nude
She would fatten her body
The intention was not to show off the body
In other words
But establish an individual expression

Your nude performance was totally natural
As in the desert when you came alive
With the connection to the Cosmos
And it can only come as a ritual
Imbued with meaning
In the words of the Alchemists
As above, so below

You would run off to Joshua Tree
Sleep on the picnic table
In the campground
To avoid the snakes
Climb a rock at sunrise
Strip off your clothes
And dance

Dancing naked before the universe
That was the most ecstasy
You ever knew
And of course, these dances were timed
To the cosmology
Openings to the sacred

Like today
This extraordinary Summer Solstice
You will perform a ritual to the music
That inspired you to strip down
Peter Gabriel’s Passion
Perform your passion, John said to you
Before Solutio began
Well, you did it for him for Nurturing
And you may do it again tonight

The oldest dance in the world
Dancing to the rhythms
Of the Universe

Walls of mylar
At the Gershwin
Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn
Above the silver door
The biggest superstar of them all

They can’t seem to get enough of her
An entire issue of a literary journal
Devoted to her image, her mask
Robert Heide at the reading
And you only wanted to talk about Edie

Behind the silver door
The smoking room
At the Gershwin Hotel
Quite a spread
Of food
And character
Missing from NYC
These days

A silver mylar chamber
For the superstars to relive
Their glory
Recreating the factory image
Those who didn’t die young
Aged well
Great cheekbones

Sally Kellerman
Mistress of Ceremonies
Regretting that she refused to appear
In the Warhol films
Because she was a Hollywood actress

Taylor Mead claiming that Warhol
Tried to rape him in a seedy motel room
And seriously still angry because the Pop Star
Still owes him payment

Andy Warhol selected his superstar
In his own image
But better
For his superstars
Fine bones that never go away
Like this cult
Bowing down to Andy
Midwife to the Superstar

And in the midst of this struggle to recreate
The Warhol era
You make a new friend
A Ph.D candidate in Women’s Pop Art
Her name is Kalliope

Days later
A passionate e-mail exchange
She tells you her name means
Beautiful of face
Well named, she is

And well timed her entrance into your life
A sign
The face of the feminine is emerging

You invited her today to celebrate
The Emergence
Venus coagulating through Saturn’s fixity
Before going retrograde in Leo
The sign of your new friend
Beautiful of face
People taking pictures outside the window

Control your expression girl!
Yes, that is it!
The message of Saturn conjunct Venus
Control of personal expression

One thing you can say about yourself
Who can’t manage to get a job
Or get published
Or get a lover
You are quite a magician
Marsilio Ficino would be proud
Of your fortitude
Ruled by Saturn as he was

Amazing how many good-looking guys pass by
A Manhattan midtown window!
And now you hear an accent
Suggesting the Celts
A neo-pagan from the British aisles, perhaps?
Here to celebrate a major holiday
Which Americans ignore

I think it is funny, he says
That catches your attention
The perfect thing to say
Because you nearly fell on the floor
When you first saw the video

You put down your computer
And stand erect in the tub
Asking where he is from
Dublin, he says

He enters the space
Evidence of the magic
Writing about the good looking men
Through the window
And this man with the power
Of engagement
Does more than pass by
He enters

You are Irish, you say
You must celebrate the Summer Solstice
He stands before your naked body
On the way
But looking directly at you
In your virginal maiden dress
A crown of flowers in your hair

And tells you about how earth worshippers
Are all over the place in the British aisles
You tell him that this performance will take you
Back there

He apologizes for interrupting
Oh, no!
This is part of the performance
(it is all caught on camera)
You engage in a passionate discussion
About art and spirituality and literature

So, just by writing about good looking guys
Through the window
You pulled one in
Writing is magic!!!

You realize now this ritual is about going
Back to Britain
Back to the origins
After suffering so long in Connecticut

The mask you discovered this morning
Connected to an invitation
Christopher Knight insisting you must wear a mask
To his wild Solstice party in 1994
And you insisting that you would not wear a mask
And here on the wall is your mask

With your declaration
To get behind all the masks
To find the face of the feminine
And so you remained committed
To the labyrinth walk
Making masks into art
Rather than wearing them

Which pays off now
Thirteen years from your wild flight to Britain
You celebrate Her entrance to Manhattan
Down the street from the original Factory
Where Superstars were manufactured from Mylar

You are ready to perform
The Harvest ritual
Confronting the face as she arises
And sending her on the way out of the gallery
Through the spiral
Made of the four directions
Pine, Hemlock, Cedar and Cow Manure

Writers never need to worry about their face
Except for publicity photos
They sit at home
Making faces at their computer
Not expecting to have them photographed
In the act of grimacing
Like now

Underground writers, like myself, you think
A man in the window telling you to get naked
With his hands
Behind your, your face covered in Peat Mosss
You wear the maks of Earth women
Two nights of primitive journeys
In volcanic mud
Under red lights

Now you feel completely
As good as a sweat lodge
Kundalini pouring into the heart
Federico provides the image
Streaming green light

You felt more serene yesterday
Than even in your life
Finally in your own space
Not at all interested in jumping
Out of the body
To see what else is going on
This is it!!

Time to celebrate the Harvest
20 years of nonstop spiritual growth
Digging in the dirt
To reach your core
The grounding of your being
In the alchemical fountain

Comforted by Pine
Emboldened by Cedar
Protected by Hemlock
Renewed by cow manure
Kundalini charged by the Iron Maiden

You have arrived
At the center
A truck outside the window
With a sign mirroring
The Liberty Coin
On the wall

Lady Liberty
You are free!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A mournful cry outside the Lab window
The blues singer
Before the altar
With his cup
Jangling in rhythm

Up in the Ojai Mountains
At the sweatlodge
You listened to the hum of the Earth
This is what you remember when
You hear the Blues sung to the setting sun
On the eve of the Summer Solstice

A day for celebration
Earth formed into mandalas
Of Rebirth
The day of Persephone’s
The turning of the wheel

Graffiti scrawled on the door today
Matt thinks it is for him
You were hoping it is for you

Federico immediately understood the meaning
The eruption of the shadow
And your spine is burning
So it is a fact

Sell out?
We aren’t selling anything
No, that is wrong
We are selling an idea

She is reading
From the piece of dictionary
In the Earth tub

Sell out!!
The shadow has emerged
The disease of celebrity
Easily remedied
By making art in attunement with cosmology

Your hairdresser, Adamo
A master of martial arts
Sends you to heaven today
As he shampoos your hair
He draws the triangle

So this is the flowering
The opening of the crown
And the body in full attunement
With the shift
Following the longest day of the year

Summer is here
A joyous time of celebration
Marigolds in bloom
The heart opening
Sun passing through Leo
The strongest sign

Let us return to the journey
Yesterday the passage
From altar to tub

Today the passage from tub
To Real World
Before you is now a mandala

A knocking on the window
Women and girls smiling
They know you are liberating them
From the past

But what about the male liberation?
That came up yesterday
Testosterone overload in the gallery
Matt accusing you of flirting with John
So astounded you were by his transformation
Since he taped your ritual

The priestess observed
The New Man
Respected the boundary
Drawn around the bed with the wax

The New Man
With a warrior physique!
Protects the feminine
He assures you, this is Earth
It means solidifying your power

And suddenly, a creative solution
You knew what to do
With the testosterone
Channel it into ritual
John left to get his camera
You conceived of a new performance

A shrine to the masculine
Peter Gabriel’s voice in the street
And so with the camera at your heels
You stripped off naked

And created an altar
The Resurrected Groom
Moon guiding you

Demanding integration of the male
Into the space
To solidify the passage

Before your feet, facing east
The Moonflower
Embraced by a pair of Sunflowers
And the Matrix you created
The heart connecting the four materials

In the South
Majestic, comforting Pine
With the hay
Invoking Summer

In the North
The Green Man
On the mound of Hemlock
Favorite poison of the Greeks

In the East
Cow Manure
Substance of energy
Spring’s renewal

In the West
Before the fountain
Cedar, sacred material
Of the sacred marriage

In the center
A heart
Basket of Marigolds
In the center

During the opening ceremony
You created a matrix
Two mandoras
Funneling into the heart
Genital Heart connection
Cedar, in the west
Manure, in the east
The shadow had to be integrated

That is what the assemblage says
Below the map to Real World
Containing the shadow
The Black Face soap
Peter Gabriel’s Witness
From the Beacon Theater

So Over, Yet Everywhere
A New York Times article
On Conceptual art
Title says it all
And the assemblage adds to the dialogue
A bird’s nest with golden eggshells

Rebirth in the East
You add symbols to help it along
Inanna, the hermaphrodite
Before the rabbit
The scales
With eggshells of gold and silver

Sol & Luna
Gold & Silver
Conjunctio in the heart

You knelt down before the clay vessel
Dipped your hands in volcanic mud
Poured water from your ancestral green vase
And entered the Earth
You became mud woman

As mud woman
You knew precisely what to do
Fixing the mounds
In the North
The mound transformed
Into the Goddess
Slim wasted

The integration of Sky Goddess
And Earth Goddess
Green Man at her head
Masculine and feminine merged
In Hemlock
Passion and poison

Opposite the Goddess
Another figure
Created with the Pine
In the South

The Venus symbol
A mirror
Changing to Mercury
Patron of the Alchemical Experiment

Mercury is the third ingredient of Alchemy
With sulfur and salt
The triangle of transmutation
You honor with the daily writing
How apt to welcome him into the circle
Another androgynous figure

Bringing down Mercury
Made the rest of the ritual
He guided you to
The bags Federico
Your Gemini partner
Handed you
Before departing on Sunday

A knock at the window
A young couple holding hands
The woman smiling and waving
You want to tell all men
To treat their partners like goddesses
That is your message
And when you see erotic displays
You know they get it

Peter Gabriel’s voice
Penetrating the shadow
The ego that refuses to surrender
Don’t talk back
Hands at the wheel
Don’t turn around
This is for real

The stones Federico polished
Poured into a basket
Dropped on the cedar

And the empty vials of Gingko
Brain food
He saved
Healing the mind
Of impurities

Cartesian thinking be damned!
You surround SO with vials
Healing the Left Brain dominance
In art and society
Mercurius at work!

The mandoras began as Yods
Projection and Image
Across the East-West Axis
Matrix ruling this space
Projection and image

You place the Mexican altarpiece
With its miniature narrative
Before SO
A painted image of
Man and Woman in the garden

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5080430437732439906" />

A guitar
A platter of fruit
Tree of Life with Sol & Luna
On a branch

Oh, the flowering!!
Erotic charge pouring through you
Of the last shrine
Made with a male partner

The renegade painter who interrupted
Your journalist career
With his display of passion
During your interview

It occurred to you recently
That you went through all four stages
With him

The Alchemy of Love
Transforming the fire of attraction
The angst of Solutio
To the lovemaking of Earth
And friendship of sublimatio
The entire cycle
With a Leo

But tonight,
With Intima tonic
In your tea
You are recalling
The intimacy
Short lived
As it was

One good night
Of passion
That is all a Hispanic man gives you
Before running away
You give them this information
As the attraction
Gets out of control
And they say, that is prejudice
No, it is a fact!

So, you planned the night
Drew up a chart
Went to his studio during the day
And surrendered to his charm
His sweetness

You fucked on his futon
With your clothes on
His demons leering down at you
But you said
You must spend the night with me

And so you went to the Magic shop
Purchased a ritual package
Oil for the anointing
Candles for inscribing your astrological signs
Leo and Aquarius

Not a typical Leo
An eighties icon
East Village figure
He does something strange
Treats you like a friend

He shows you photographs of his
Mother & Father
Tragic beauties
Emaciated girlfriends
Lays down his myth
The child of bohemia
Caught in the romance
Of artistic suffering

And couldn’t you have predicted
After the flowering
The sculpture your lovemaking created
When the wax of your green candles
Green the color of the heart chakra

Aquarius & Leo
Melted into Oneness
The Conjunctio
He goes to the Munch exhibition
And drowns himself in the suffering

Love is a celebration
Not a tragedy
Well, the ego considers it death
To hell with the ego
Tell that to a Leo!

John tells you he is sweating
He sits on the ledge
You suddenly know how to proceed

You remove Inanna from the base
Of the Heart mandala
And Place her on the Peat Moss
In the corner of the gallery
Below the Goddess dress
Hung from a branch
The yod

Inanna on the mound
Solsbury Hill
Where you met the female warrior
Descendant of Ishtar
Iron Age goddess
Of war

The mound flattened
Into a male shrine
You take the cow from the window
The cow with the seeds in its belly
Moonflower and Sunflower
Planted in your mother’s garden

The cow with the seeds in its belly
Lords over the Mandora
Of rebirth of the masculine
Groom to the resurrected bride

Linked by a basket of marigolds
Flower of the heart
To the mandora
Of the Sacred Marriage

The cow as Great Mother
Honoring the birth
Of the New Man
You see them flowering
As they wave from the window

Matt who enters the gallery
And asks you to draw up
For his wedding
On the Leo Full Moon
A Sacred Marriage
Bringing Heaven down to Earth!

At 8:10, the precise moment
Of Federico’s solar return
You bless his process
Of honoring the Earth Goddess
And the Goddess in the woman

The flowering of the New Man
In the alchemist’s images
Peter Gabriel’s voice
The mournful Bluesman before the altar

All leading the way
Through the triangle
Heaven, Earth & Human
Into the Sacred Marriage
On this Solstice Eve
Blessed be!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


There is no ritual in the world without it
You are told this at a pagan barbeque
Of blood sausages
And Spanish Rioja

You bleed
On the Full Moon
And now, the New Moon
You flow
River of connection
Between Body & Earth

The body knows
Listen to the body
Let the Goddess shape your body
Those were your instructions
When you began
The journey to Real World

And now you are
Following the trail of Blood
From the mouth of the Knight
Blood authority
And his merry band of wild women

Signposts on the trail
From the Virgin flight
To the Aquarian goddess

And now, 13 years later
Blood lubricating
Midnight ritual
Under a Leo Moon
Preparing the space
For the conjunctio

Calm waters in the fountain
Where the wave will collapse
How you have anticipated this stage
Things coming into form

Last night
Leo Moon
The lover’s moon
The maiden in her “wedding” dress
Face made up
So still in the tub
The alchemical fountain
They thought you were a statue
A museum goddess

An eleven o’clock appointment
With the groom
And so…

You moved
Picking up your cell phone
At the appointed hour
A response from the window

You look up
Ten men standing outside the glass
Staring at you in the tub
A man in the front beckoning with his cell phone

What a moment
Selected for your sacred marriage
Your Aquarian Venus rising east
Uranus setting West
Your life’s torment and joy

The erotic pull
Between these planets
Electrical Storms fury
When love turns into its opposite
The mechanical bride
And her bachelors
Enough already!

Eros enters the space
The groom has arrived
The Lion of Judah
Entered to fire up the ceremony

Eros has landed!
In the body of Toth
His Moon opposing your Sun
The Sacred Marriage of opposites
Welcoming the goddess to midtown Manhattan

Venus rising/Uranus descending
You never did quite relate the stars
To the body
The mind could not encompass the
That swallows it

Many a man used to tell you
What is up there, meaning your head
Is also up there, meaning the sky
So look at the setting sun
Perched at the edge of West 47th Street
A big red fiery ball

Blazing into the Summer Solstice
With a pronouncement
Persephone begins her turnaround
To her underworld rendezvous
Lion of Judah
Partner of the Aquarian Age goddess

N/S/E/W axis
Orientation point
For the conjunctio
Marriage of Sun & Moon
Art & Cosmos

East 47th Street, the silver lined Factory
Warhol manufacturer of Superstars
And now
The biggest superstar of all,
The Earth Goddess
Midtown at Midnight
Settles into the space
Created for her emergence
From Earth

And so, the seed planted
In the cow
Carved from a tree
Six seeds of the Sunflower
Six seeds of Moonflower
Planted in the cow
In your mother’s circle
Symbol of wholeness
The fertile connection
Among women

Six, the Sacred Marriage
Sum of Leo and Aquarius
Leo ruling the heart
Aquarius, the circulatory system
Disseminating the blood

The Aquarian-Leo marriage
Nurturing the seed
Through the body
The personal body
The public body
Marriage of opposites
Creating a New Birth

And you are sitting naked in the tub
The birthing position
Expecting the new birth
Delivered through the Great Work
The Alchemy of Love

Fountain fortified
Bed of cedar
Ceremonial material of the ancients
King Solomon’s temple made of Cedar
The marriage bed in the holy of the holies
Cedar fountain
Of death and rebirth

Beneath the cedar
The purification of memory
Peat Moss masking your face

Alchemical bath
Under the full moon
Sulfur purified by the love
Of the Goddess
Pieces of La Parca
Bits of dictionary pages
All forming your be
Gifting you with their solar power

Goddess dresses propelling your journey
Purified in Salt
Healing the wounds
Of all the failed experiments
The would-be bachelors
Flying boys who refused to be men

The Goddess and her son lover
You lived that role
Many times
They preferred rebellion
To the inevitable

The rebirth of the male in the 21st century
The path forged by artists
Men who support and protect
The newly emerged feminine

With this memory of defeat
Transformed into triumph
You sprinkle Hemlock
Over the cedar

An essential reminder
Of the power of love
What heals can also kill
To much of a good thing
Becomes its opposite

And the cow manure
Placed under the map to Read World
The map that includes the shadow
The black-faced soap won as a booby prize
A warning
To the Sky Goddess
Do not interfere with the body process
Kicked out in the street in her
Patent leather French designer trench coat
Foolish girl!

Get grounded!
Here in the manure
Material of expulsion
Decay and renewal
Transformation of energy
In Matter
Mater, the mother

Your mother is in the heart
Cast from stones in her collection
Leo, ruler of the heart
Aquarius circling the heart
With her blood
Flowing over earth

Inside the heart
Earth Mother excrement
Death & renewal

Outside the heart, Cedar
Cosmic Tree
Strength & incorruptibility
stateliness & beauty
Tree of Life

Conductor of life energy
Soothing, cleansing, healing
Pine trees recharge our energy
Courage & faithfulness
Sacred to Diana, Venus & Jupiter

Finally Hemlock
Healer & Destroyer
Instilling the power of the opposites
Leo, the performer of Cosmic law
Aquarius, the interpreter of Cosmic law

In a new earthly form
Dictated by the heavens
The rhythmic dance
Between Saturn and Neptune
The pressure on the unconscious

Tell the story
Provide the narrative
Express the Real
Through the journey to Real World
But of course
How simple!

A pair Sunflowers
Protecting the Moonflower
At your feet
As you listen to your voice
Talking about the movement
Of the kundalini
Through the chakras

Your voice
So detached
So loud at times
So uneven

Well, of course!
You have the green mirror on your throat
An amplifier
Expressing every AHA moment
Of your overactive brain
And there are many

Finger of God
Or is it Goddess
Reaching from the clouds
Proclaiming the wisdom of the body
In the space
With your journey to Real World

The mating dance of the male turkey
Majestic creatures
Richly textured coats
Relaying the patterns of nature
Beards marking time
The natural selection
Hemlock mound
Earth’s bosom

She seeks her revenge
On the Greeks
Exalting word
Over image

Leaving the once dynamic goddess
Divided, immobile

The northern spirit
Earth’s domain
The darkest night
The Coagulatio
Where structures are crystallized

Death to the illusion
Shouts Saturn while ramming the sickle
Was Real World just an illusion?

The theme of this marriage
Renewing the foundation of creativity
At the source of creativity

Where human expression
Reflects cosmic expression
Myths are created

Saturn and Neptune in a mating dance
Since March when they were in stand-off
When you met the alchemist
Through the transmutation of fire
Ridding the negative patterns
For good

A new crystallization
Timed to close Earth
Termites eating through the birthing dress
Meshed in your blood
A sign of the Times
Pronouncing Female Icons
Under her bosom

Golden termites doing their part
Eating through old structures
So the new can be born
Female termites doing ALL the work

Your voice filling the gallery
With your process
Intersecting right and left brain
Through symbol
The written symbol

What joy!
Real life symbols
Reflecting your philosophy
Natural cycles
The alchemist examines in nature

Golden termites in slow motion
Through the lace
Nature’s patterns and rhythms
Embedded into the birth
Of a new form
A form uniting heaven and earth

Symbols fade in and out
Absorbed into the body
Through the performance
There is so much commotion outside
A Naked Woman!
Cries a female from the window

No, a woman filled with the Goddess
So powerful in this media driven celebrity age
It should be banned for its potency

But the Great Work is the transformation
Alchemical symbols show the way
Sprouting seed
Lady Liberty coin

Now green fire
Heart Chakra energy
A river of Absinthe fire
Peter Gabriel’s voice
This time you have gone too far1
Don’t say nothing!

Digging in the Dirt
Stay with me, I need support
Capricorn moon
Emotions run deep

Embedded in Earth
You are
As the Goddess dictates
Pouring ashes from the Crucible
Into a pot
The remnants of a death ritual

Ashes still warm
The sacrifice of the cow
Whose belly you were cutting
To receive Lady Liberty
A manifestation of a dream
Kundalini on fire

A man on the street adding to the rhythm
Of the Earth
Shaking his cup filled with coins
Singing the blues before the altar
An ode to the Goddess

When will I be a success?
You asked the yogi twenty years ago
As you placed your nervous palm
Under his discerning eye
The pronouncement grim
When you get into your body
Say what?

And here you are
In the tub

Naked flesh bearing down
Image of flesh
Absorbing into flesh
What a grounding ritual!

The body contains a memory
The Earth goddess
Covered in volcanic clay
In the Midnight Ritual
Will remain forever

Twenty years of rituals
Brought you to this temple
Golden goddesses welcoming all travelers
At the door of the hotel

The center of Manhattan
The center of a space
Made sacred by ritual

Ceremonies dictated
By the stars
Dredging up hermetic practices
Ficino in the Italian Renaissance
Making the planets REAL in daily life

Like Now
Saturn opposing Neptune
The burning in your spine
Connecting body
To Earth

Real world is Real again
In the body
The body of the work

The body knows what is real
The body is the public
The public is participant
At dusk
Blues singer outside the window
Participant in the ritual
Of making the Goddess Real

Defender of Solsbury Hill
Site of an Iron Age fort

On the top of the mound
Below the map to Real World
And a Mexican altarpiece
Image of the conjunctio inside
With a guitar
And plate of fruit

Sol & Luna embracing
Inside the World Tree
Aquarian Age icon
Marriage of Sun & Moon

Under eclipses
Life changes
Opportunities knock

And the path has been carved through
Those openings, eclipses
La Parca, symbol of fate
Touching the Earth Goddess
The kundalini snake coiled in ther body
Y over her head
Sacrifice of the dying god
The salamander and snake
Right & Left paths merging at the apex
The birth of the New

Next is the mirror of Venus
The silver lined wrapped around the handle
The box with the ashes
Of the wish you burned
At the close of Solutio

The wish for a sacred marriage
Made real
Led you back to REAL WORLD

Y is here too
The Yule Log

Next item
The triple mirror
The power of projection
As protection

And further on the path
Golden suns
The alembic
Containing the residue of Solutio
Into a new form
Things coming into form
Patterns made clear
Ribbons of copper
Forming the kundalini stream
The Alchemy of Love
Is in the flow

Robert Smithson
Your image calls out the artist
Maker of temples
As you hold a mirror to your hear

Digging in the dirt
The work of alchemist
Never ends

Flowers form your mother’s garden
Mother who gave birth to you

We arrive in the heart
A stone heart with branches
Gift from a Cow
A symbol of grounding

Then the vase of roses
From the alchemist’s garden.
The sunflower
Golden energy
Of the aristocratic heart

And now you are at the center of the path
The iron maiden
Holding your body
Arousing your kundalini

The warrior queen
Through all the chakras to reach
The ultimate goal

The Hieros Gamos
You are in Her
She is in you

Earth Goddess
No longer
She is free to move
With the rhythms of the planet
Guiding us to wholeness

And the rest of that journey
Is for tomorrow to relate
Blessed be!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Look at them!
They are all goddesses
Says Heyo in admiration
They just don’t know

The two of you sitting in a Melrose café
Smelling the buds
Pubescent bodies
Already tamed

And then, the enticement
We haven’t yet seen Her true face
The goddess!
She could be you

The call to action
In a Melrose Café
What would Marcel say?
Rose is Eros spelled backwards

Buds bursting into bloom
Just a block or two from the French Bistro
Where you meet over a Tarot reading

Smoking mirror
Bad vibe
He saw the Italian from Little Venice
Claiming to be from a Palacio in big Venice
He pointed on the map
There it is!
A peculiar Italian accent
Or was he just Argentine?
Leading you into a toxic tango

You get a far better offer
From the card reader
Get out, he said,
I’ll take you to the Indians

And so he did
Guided you right up to the Red Road
On Turtle Mountain
Straight to the womb of the Mother
The inipi
Blessing the ancestors

The strong Germanic women
Aquarian chain
And you are the last of them
Independent to the end

But what of Her face?
Lost along the line
You struggle to find her in the dark
The womb of the Great Mother
Who receives your seeds in her flesh

And lo
You beheld her through the sweat
Beads reflecting the struggle
To bow through her birth canal
Her reflection compensating for expulsion

The authentic face
Spied in the glass
Face streaked in dirt
Hair askew
Wild Woman

1993 Wandering in the canyon
Under the eclipse
A lunar landscape
You discover Kerouac
On the Road
Sign of a journey
Archer shooting into a distant goal
The sacred marriage

Message relayed in the pipe
Stem is male
Bowl is female
United it blows smoke rings of union
The Woman in the Man
The Man in the Woman

This you remember
The road signs on the journey
As you lay in the alchemical fountain
AKA the Iron Maiden
Preparing for the Planting
Venus at the Sixth Gate
Second Chakra
Attachment through Detachment
The chart reads

The doorway to creation
The universal persona
The disconnected connected Goddess
Attached to her journey
Never the outcome

Her face
What does she look like?
Is she ancient?
Greek perhaps
Or new?

You are in the fountain
In the Lab
A new experiment underway
Seven hours of the conjunctio
In action
A self-organizing process
Of symbols jockeying for placement
In the unfolding
The Woman in the Man
The Man in the Woman

And what symbols!
Roadmaps created in isolation
Labyrinth to Real World
Awaiting the projection
Self-devouring Uroborus circling round
The artist cannibalizing himself
In search of truth

So much red in the fountain
Red above – the spotlight
Red below – the banner

Reborn in the iron maiden
The first ritual
Pouring the purifed Earth
From the ritual projected on the wall
Into the iron maiden
The red stain on top
Fresh blood over the old
Red Moon setting over 47th Street

Direct angles cutting the Manhattan grid
East, South, Weat, North
Birth, Flowering, Harvest, Death
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Material laid out in the grid

Now you get it
The essentiality of your natural chart
Cardinal points
Pluto almostPassion touching your Midheaven
It dawns on you on Madison
Why you only do rituals on eclipses
And the cardinal points
The mystical marriage of the opposites!

The fruit of this revelation
Pouring a river
Of blood
Into the alchemical fountain
Red Cedar
Used to build Solomon’s Temple
Sacred material
The bed and throne of Inanna

Passion flowing through the green light
Of the heart chakra
Magic abounds
A transcendent reality opens
Real World

Planting of the hieros gamos
Sun flower
Moon Flower
In the body of the cow
Primed to birth
Lady Liberty

Let the Goddess shape your body
Said Heyo
How, where, when
Why don’t you just let it unfold
He suggested

And here you are
Naked before the world
The corner of the world that is 47th and Lexington
Red stains obscured by the red banner
Of freedom

Gift of Freedom awaits
You sure could use the $$$$

To your right
Beloved staring
Reflected by Red Light
And the pentacle
That rules this journey
The symmetry of Venus
In her journey
To the underworld and back

So much red
Above, the spotlight
Below, the banner
You are on fire!
Red mixed with green

The green
Oh the dress
The raw silk dress in your favorite color
Embroidered collar
Worn for the first time

To meet the Flame
Sweet nectar of Pommegranite
Spilled down the front
Stripped off the stain
In his bed
Warring between the opposites
Exhausted by the battle
Despite your name

Root chakra on fire
Base of your spine
Lined up with the apex of the Yod
Forged in wax
The red sheet
Gift form the Mother
A celebration of the conjunctio
Born in the Great Mother

But that came after Real World
Remember the proper order of things
First the planting
Then the nurturing
The pod came after the physical journey
A seed carved in earth
Between a natural Yod, a branching

Finger of God
Pointing the way
To the Growth
The hieros gamos
Male shifting to female
Ancestors honored
And you descended
Into a long gestation

Your journey to Real World
A road sign
Doors open all too briefly
Then close
This happens during eclipses

A long grounding ahead
In the company of artists
Fellow travelers to the
Icon of the 21sst Century

Road signs
Cosmic signs
United is the marriage
Heaven and earth
Uniting the constellations

The pod a seed
Arising from the Bog people
Preserved in Peat Moss
The Dutch artist, Carolee
Created the seed
Meeting over a death
In Greens Farms
Mourning to come

So here is the progression
Without Real World
No pod
No comfort
Of the firm left arm
Right brain ruled
Gemini who switches gender

Music the purest form of art
Closest to the Gods
Highest chakra
Other disciplines to follow
Sixht chakra – poetry
Did that
Fifth chakra – literature
Did that
Fourth Chakra – theater
Did that
Third Chakra – Criticism
Did that
Second Chakra – Fine Art
Did that
First chakra – dance

It began with music
The genius guiding your journey
Through the ear
Pressed to the Great Below

How did it happen?
To die and be born in the inipi
To travel the Red Road
To create a codex
Of the hieros gamos
Born of a collaboration
A Man in a Woman
And Woman in a Man

No Internet in those days
Closest thing to cyberspace
Virgin Airlines to London
Red damsel luring you into
The journey

Your injured eye
Impelling you to leave your seat
Head for the last aisle
Empty except for a lone figure
Powerful, like an Indian
Holding the energy

Holding a crystal for a cure
Vision obscured
Holding a crystal for a cure
Dinner served
A gentle voice
Would you like my roll?

The face, stunning
A New Man
Reacting to the Face of the feminine

You accept the offering
On the Red Road the women feed the men
A relic from the hunt
Where the men caught the food and the women cooked it

And you make an earthly exchange
He hands you the roll
You hand him the codex
The cosmology of the hieros gamos
Discovered in the Sweat Lodge

You must meet Peter, he says
Peter Gabriel, he wrote a song about a sweat lodge
He tells you he was the drummer
For the rock star
And is on his way to Real World

Eclipses deliver change
Doors close so others may open
The door to Real World
A universal story searching for a global form
That could not possibly exist in 1993

A form born in the womb of the Great Mother
Evolved with the Body
Codex inscribed in flesh
Face submerged in the alchemical bath

Arising from the purified sulphur
You now have a recipe for containment
Creative collaborations weep no more!

The union of the Woman
And the Woman in the Man
The song goes

You produced a Virgin birth
Everest your first mountain
The air so rarified
Get me down before I fall

The Sky Goddess jumps levels
From the highest chakra
To the lowest
14 years of manifestation
2 seven-year cycles of Venus returns
To its natal retrograde in Aquarius
The task of manifestation nearly complete

But we get ahead of ourselves
First the planting
Next the nurturing
Then the flowering
Harvest follows
Ending with Death
To begin the cycle anew

Today the planting
11:07 AM
The second Gate
Swung Open
To Real World

In the cow
Mother Earth
Purified the journey
Through the relics
The discarded skins

Oroboros circling the labyrinth
Protecting the treasure
At the very center
The rosette
Symbol of Venus
Queen of Heaven & Earth
The hieros gamos takes root
Fertile, fecund, feisty female

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Blackbirds dropping in the Lab
Skins on the floor
Holding the memory
Invocation of Her face
Relics purified

Skins discarded
Batteries dead
Cell phone run down
MAC in revolt

Dreams of Asissa
Her tragic life/death/life cycle
Under your skin

Why, Matt asks
When you tell him
Rhymes with Lisa
Her Jew-German Selves

Lilith, the child killer
Crushed by the mirror
Child gassed
Double Pisces, vaporized
By the stars

When the artist dies
What becomes of her sky children?
Fallen like the blackbirds
Over the memory of the Ouroboros

Summer Solstice near
Spring lovers nearly cooked
Sulphur purified by Salt
The child caressed
Beneath the skeletons
Between green sips of mojito

Coagulatio beckons
The body entering the cacoon
Seaweed rubbed by Bulgarian fingers
Body exhausted, limp
Lilith flies away
Green Goddess enters

Pain of birth
Crushing the dream
Gallery shut
No entry

A march up Fifth Avenue
To the Citadel
Mac World
Down the spiral
Beyond time and space
The Genius Bar
And lo, an immediate slot
Eyes of an old soul

I lose time here, he says
X symbol (the lost bride?)
Replaced by a black line
51 percent charged
Onto the Prologue!

Your natural horoscope
A body clock
Dead and reborn at the cardinal points
Tropic of Capricorn
Tropic of Cancer
The Earth lives in the body

E-mail check
Starlight message
A reminder
Pluto lined up
With Gallactic Axis
Mercury retrograde
In Cancer, sign of the Mother
Say what??

The Eternal Return
The Earth cycles
In the body
Life, death, decay, renewal