Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


JANUARY 23, 2008
5:30 PM EST

You like to tie loose ends up
Into neat little packages
Some might call it art

You were told about your karma
It being your last lifetime, and all
You have a lot of karma to complete
Said White Buffalo Woman

Every day
Every breath
Feels like your last gasp
The end of a cycle

You have arrived
At that unnamed state
Imaged by your father
In his modestly titled book
“God Speaks”

“The author in bliss”
Reads the caption
And so, this is the legacy
Of having a father as
Kundalini pioneer
A breaking of paternal attachment
Replaced by an image of bliss

You are living out a myth
Said the astrologer, Demetra George
On the cliff above
The Oregon coast

You were only beginning then
With your Persephone tale
Contained in boxes
You gave her a copy
In exchange for her book
On the dark goddesses

Arising at last
From the underground
You bring the mythical
Journey to a close

Your manuscripts replaced by
Anodea Judith’s “Wheels of Life”
The end of a trail beginning
At the 1989 Book Expo
When you discovered the book
Acknowledging your father
As a pioneer of kundalini research

Over 100,000 sold
Proclaims the cover of the revised edition
So you live the legacy
Inscribed in an image
Pouring your father’s knowledge
Of the mysterious serpent power
By utilizing the power of images
To instruct on the chakras

Fire, Water, Earth and Air
The passage through the Chakras
Over the course of a year
The Sun entering Aquarius
Your karmic passage completed

With the sacred geometry on in your solar return
The infinity sign manifested by
Tatyana’s “Waterfall” over
Selma Karaca’s kundalini couture
Named what else but …”Waterfall!”

Psyche passing through the Saturn grid
To the other side
The place of the dream

And so, you meet
The Dreamers of a new order
Prepared now for the new cycle
Aquarian eclipses
Triggering Neptune
The planet of dreams
In Aquarius

The Harmonic Convergence in 1987
Ushered in the last Aquarian eclipse cycle
You were running around L.A.
Seeking enlightenment
When you began your inner journey
With a series of colonics

With your nails yellow and brittle
Had to look at the evidence
The pioneer of a new order
Lies within

And so you embarked
On the healing
Two decades ago
That now bears fruit
With the Coniunctio
Under the Full Moon on Jan 23
At the Lab Gallery

Lutz Rath on violoncello
Lending his beatific spirit
To an allegorical painting
Weaving the symbolism
Of the Hieros Gamos
Linking the Aquarian eclipses
To 2012
And Quetzalcoatl

Tatyana Stepanova
Of the Russian avant-garde
And Michael Manning
American action painter
Black Belts
Filtering the sunset
Of January 23
The eleventh anniversary
Of the Seal of Solomon
Uniting Heaven and Earth

And now you seek out
The Icon Maker
And ask him to be in your movie
Not a dream transformed into a novel
This time
But a real movie
“The Passion”
Inspired by the uproar over
“My Sweet Lord”

It has been the passion
Guiding your journey
To make your dreams real
To awake in your bed
Not knowing if you are awake
Or dreaming
And what is more
Not caring
Either way
It is bliss

This unity fills you with joy
Standing in Union Square
In the Communion Square Café
Where dreams will be exchanged
In the ascent of the full Solar eclipse

You wrote your tale
Of Quetzalcoatl
And deposited it at the door
A floor below
Where it was rejected
As too spiritual

It comes back to you
Hopping off the bus to be the first
On the Pyramid of the Sun
At sunrise
Descending to the crone
With her basket of crystals
“For your Passion,” she says
As you choose the aquamarine

Thus armed
You ascend the Temple of Quetzalcoatl
Alternating faces
The plumed serpent
With his evil dog twin

Surrendering to the spirit
Your attack in the desert
Leading to the human incarnation
The artist who humanized Christ
Surrendered under his temple sky
To receive your Magdalene spirit
Infused into his body by crystal
On plush red velvet
The Sacred Marriage instilled
For a New Age

Nearly eight years later
The mythos is complete
You meet the spirit carrier
Electric Jesus
At the Jupiter/Pluto meditation
A week later, you are at
Caravan of Dreams
Sitting across from Daniel Pinchbeck
Author of “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl”
You tell them of the eclipses
The convergence between the personal and the collective
And so, you begin the manifestation

But first
You give 2012 to Michael Manning
The allegorical painter of our times
Scorpio Sun at the fated 29 degree
Drawn naturally to serpents
And prepared to bring the sacred marriage
From past to future
Through his narrative on Gilgamesh

And you usher in the Aquarian spirit
At this hour
Centering the moment
Commencing at 5:30 PM
January 23, 2008
When Wolfgang Pauli’s dream
Becomes a reality

On the long wall
The epic journey of the serpent
The short wall
The dream chalked on a blackboard
Converging 2012 with the Hieros Gamos
Pauli’s vision of definite and indefinite time
Related in a dream by your Capricorn sister
In which she reads the timing
“To make sure everyone is on the same page.”

The conclusion of The Alchemy of Love
Told in images
The Hieros Gamos arising
Out of Eros
Tatyana’s passion for collaboration
Under a full moon in her sign of Aquarius
Opposites merging into a new path
The “in between” place
Writes the scholar of images

The middle path between Heaven & Earth
Envisioned as the World Tree
By the Mayans
Envisioned as the Body
By the Cabala
The human heart at the center
Earth & Sky united
The cycle of the opposites
Is completed

When will I be a success?
You asked the yogi
Palm thrust under his focused gaze
"When you get into your body."
You pressed him further
A book? A film? A TV show?
You are the Star, he said
The form doesn't matter.

“Follow your bliss,” said Joseph Campbell
As you came of age
And so you did
Your journey brought you
From the sky surrounding the Hollywood sign
To the roots of your German/Jewish heritage

The grounding of Luna and Sol
Meeting in a Solar Eclipse
Conjunct your ruler, Uranus
In Mutual Reception

The Mysterium Conjunctious
From which you can at last
To convince America and the world

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