Invoking the Hieros Gamos

Invoking the Hieros Gamos
Dianne Bowen drawing the footprint at EROS(ION) FLOW: 01 FEB 2011 at the Gershwin Hotel


Shamanic Astrology utilizes geomagnetic intuition to derive operational direction based on visual cosmic situations equally honoring evolution and involution...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Crescent Moon obscured by
Cumulonimbus clouds
This week, you taught the children
The water cycle
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation

Separation, distillation, purification
Saturation of Sulfur with Salt
Solutio complete

Moon and Venus dance
Fifth Gate, the throat
Self-expression flowing
You read patterns tailored by karma
Longing for thread

Beside the Crap Table
In the gilded Music Room
Of a Mediterranean home
Rooms transported from European castles

Scarlet velvet drapes fraying with age
Framing you in the faded elegance
Of the Italian Renaissance

Casino Night
Try your luck.
One chip for craps
Two chips for a fortune

Know your stars?
Step right up
Take a chance

Tonight thought meets action
You are observer and participant
Artist and audience
The door opens
You enter
Into a new world

You remember the dream
Forewarning of this change
Relaxing on a deck over water
Looking to your right
Into a tailor’s workshop below

The ordered universe
Of patterns and weaves
You see the design from above
Pull apart the drapes to enter

And so it happens
Between velvet drapes
You read the dance at the Fifth Gate
Cancer is the sign
Opposing your Mercury
In the Fourth House
Past lives converging into present patterns

Your fortune told
By the convergence of the dream
And the stars
But what is the form?

The Beloved appears
Fierce, furious, Furio
All passion and beauty
The Renaissance Man at home
In the 15th Century marvels

You framed by the fiery red faded drapes
Reading the pattern while inside the pattern
Channeling the cosmology
The Aquarian Age goddess descending
In the taut body of a crusading lawyer
With a television show

You read her husband, the consort
And he sends her over
Your view on your computer screen
A brave new world
Woman crusading for truth
Raising the Balance of Justice

The pattern so clear
You view your place in it
The divine embrace with the Beloved
Setting the world right

You will meet someone tonight
FEDERICO tells you as you dress
Your lapis lazuli satin skirt
And Garden of Eden top
Radiant with fertility
Hand-embroidered by Tehuanas
Radiant, abundant and free

The form doesn’t matter!
The astrologer told you
When you began the journey
In the wilds of Malibu
Worshipping the goddess on stony cliff

And so the body bursts
Through the forms of your wardrobe
Relics of the journey purified in the Iron Maiden
Leaving only the spiraling beehive
Structured to ebb and flow to the water
Made by your genius fashion designer
From the land Anadolu
Goddess worshippers

Your lapis lazuli gypsy skirt
In the Music Room
The base of your spine
As in your La Parca promenade

The Beloved
In the gilded mirror
The setting magnificent
From a past life
Or two

He is cordial
But oblivious
What is he going through?
Oh, my…
You have his astrological chart!

The room empties during dinner
You peak into the pattern
Like the dream you see
The door flung open
To this world
Of hermetic magic
At fated encounter in Cross River
Paths converging
Three years ago

You channeled The Alchemy of Love
In this very location
November last
Stars congregating in Scorpio
Sign of magic
Bats flying in patterns

You spoke of ruptured love affairs
Amour fou
The stars that brought you
To his message
Laid out on his canvases
The return of the Renaissance Man
This time bringing the Aquarian Age

Your shifting personas
And lover
Dumuzi returned to the planet
As your consort
Surely this was the outcome
The only outcome?
Of your mysterious encounter

At the Phoenix you received
The call to transformation
Into the icon
You read it accurately

Donning the cloak of lover
The artist opening the door
With his message
And you passing through
With your mythmaking

Alas, the woman in you
Wanted it all
Oblivious in love
Fool that lover’s be!

Horrified, you watched
As you passed through the door
Opened by the artist
And the Man
Who stood, trembling no doubt
On the threshold

Was it fear?
Fate won out over destiny
And now,
Fated again to connect
In a cosmic web
Spun by Venus, his ruler
You simply smile
And return to your reading

You, the High Priestess
Bids farewell to the Lover
The game of chance is over there
Not here within the fraying drapes
Nothing left to chance

Such openings to the convergence
Past, present and future
Once in a lifetime opportunities
Separating Fate from Destiny
As Sulfur is purified by Salt

Your body holds the power
Of this knowledge
A friendly hello
Then a friendly farewell
To the Beloved
Under the Crescent Moon

A mere man
Not Fame
He lingered
The unconscious circling
You know the water cycle
He lacks water in his chart
(you would tell him if he asked you for a reading)
And therefore knows nothing

The water cycle you taught the children
Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation
Separation, Distillation
Solutio complete

Your journey to the Renaissance, past and present
The house where Ficino practiced
Hermetic magic
And the house transported to the wilds of Katonah
Where you derived The Alchemy of Love

Your Renaissance journey
The Reunion
Passing you from above where you see patterns
To below, where you participate in patterns

As above, so below
Say the alchemists
And now you know
With body and soul

The Alchemy of Love
Water cycle
Ocean, Dew, Vapor, Fountain
Tsunami wave of Aquarius

Your body bursting
With this wave
Prepared for Coagulatio
Earthly embodiment
At one time sought
In the Shepherd

The power of containment
The secret held intact
Between magicians
From one Renaissance to the next

He stood beside your table
Staring at the ceiling
Carved in patterns
Seeking without a map
the starry connection
Bringing him full circle
With the Scribe
The Lover
The High Priestess

Too powerful to be contained
In the alchemical fountain
Where King and Queen join
In Holy Matrimony

And so, back into the Ocean
The cycle begins again
Unknown waters pouring in the Known
In the eternal cycle
And you
Unchained from your own karmic pattern
The labyrinth of the Uroboros-Serpent
Chasing the shepherd
From one millennium
To the Next

Freed at last
From the sacrifice
Your dream identity
Persephone with pumpkin mask
Removed in your dream

Into and out of the underworld
The cycle of Venus
Divinely symmetrical
Damned to the eternal cycle

You roam freely in the world
With the true face
The authentic face
Of female born anew

In the Music Room
Hermetic magic
Transported to the woods of Katonah
Your dual role
Liberated and liberator
Guide to the cosmology
Of the Sacred marriage

Victim no more
Of Venus
Fierce, Furious, Furio
In her pursuit of Dumuzi
In his narcissistic self-embrace

Your authentic face
Sparkling Venus with lapis luzuli lids
And violet rimmed eyes
Sacrificing no more

To the Man
Self-important Dumuzi
Taunting you to follow
To the Great Below

Hello, goodnight
Communication sealed
By greeting and farewell

To the Coagulatio
Distillation of experience
The Water Cycle contained
In a poem, this poem
Epic of a New Order

Goddess freed from the bind
With her Son lover
To embrace the Beloved
Universal Connection
Tsunami Aquarian Wave
Bursting out of your gypsy skirt
Naked spine wired for freedom

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